The GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group LLC is a subsidiary of GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation, founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1992.

We are an outsource provider that services portfolios/contracts at reduced costs and with fewer operational barriers so our customers can concentrate on core strengths. Our teams deliver solutions to banks and other lending institutions, equipment leasing companies and solar financing companies. Our financial strength, industry knowledge, and reputation provide our customers and their stakeholders a high level of confidence regarding the care and servicing of their assets.

We work to understand the specific servicing needs of our markets and customers better than our competitors. Our empowered and committed team members develop innovative and effective solutions for our customers that consistently exceed their expectations for service, flexibility, and responsiveness.


Using a consultative approach, our engaged team members identify needs for our customers and leverage our industry-leading operational platform to provide an optimal portfolio solution.

Third Party Servicing

GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group offers a turn-key option to your servicing needs. Our servicing platform and enhanced systems bring instant value-add solutions to portfolio administration. As a customer centered organization, GreatAmerica can cover a wealth of servicing circumstances.

Whether you are a start-up business looking to avoid the expenses of creating a front end or back office platform, or an established organization looking to focus on core competencies, GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Front-end Solutions

Back-end Solutions

Backup Servicing

Back-up servicing is a vital element of financial transactions today. It’s a known fact in the industry that servicers can and do fail. Consequently, the identity of your back-up servicer is of greater focus to investors, lenders, and rating agencies. GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group offers solutions to mitigate servicing risks associated with a wide variety of portfolio transactions, structures, and asset classes.

Whether the need is for a “Hot”, “Warm” or “Cold” back-up servicing solution, we provide the optimal operational model for portfolio protection.

Partnering with GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group for your back-up servicing ensures value-add levels of servicing security and protection.


GreatAmerica Portfolio Services is dedicated to its customers and the industry it serves. That is why GreatAmerica is associated with the top organizations in the industry. Those organizations include:


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GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group (GPSG) is a lease, loan, and power purchase agreement (PPA) outsourcing service provider specializing in third party and backup servicing.

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