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Equipment Sellers and Re-Sellers Increase Transaction Sizes and Margins with Financing*

Whether you have 1, 10, or 100 sales reps, we know growth is always on your mind. Pick a financing company that makes your growth its priority.

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Create a Competitive Advantage with Effective Finance Solutions

Solve your daily problems with solutions built with your on-the-go sales style in mind. We make every step in the process easy— from demo to funded.

Why Financing Is Important!

There is a preconceived notion that customers don't finance. That's just not true! They do, and they expect a monthly payment option for their equipment purchases. Did you know that $0.62 of every dollar spent on equipment is financed?  

The Benefits of Financing with GreatAmerica

Great America
The average equipment purchase price was 27% larger when financed with GreatAmerica.
Great America
Average time saved in the sales process when financing.
Great America
Average time from application to credit decision.

Grow Your Business with Great Relationships

"I don't think something as significant as a relationship with a finance company should be limited to dollars and cents." Jerry Daniels from Automotive Broadcast Network (ABN) shares how they were able to grow their organization with the support of financing from GreatAmerica. 

Build Sales Momentum with Financing

Having the right finance partner is important to a dealership, and GreatAmerica wants you to be successful. Incorporating an effective finance program into your sales organization allows your team to sell more equipment at higher margins by bundling the services and accessories all into one monthly payment. 

Reduce risk and eliminate the need for collections by having GreatAmerica pay the invoice as soon as your customer’s equipment is delivered. 

Offload your used equipment and previous rental equipment with flexible finance offerings. 

Why Partner with GreatAmerica?

Because one size does not fit all!

You may already realize that GreatAmerica can customize finance offerings to the way that you do business. Download the guide to find all of the customizable options that go into play to build a program that’s perfect for you!

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*Data collected by a 2015 TechValidate survey.

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