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Program Pricing for Automotive Equipment and Technology

Your guide to pricing programs with GreatAmerica.

How Does GreatAmerica Price Programs?

An effective finance program allows your sales team to easily offer customers a monthly payment. GreatAmerica program pricing is based on the following factors:

Your Most Important Finance Questions Answered!

Note that the credit worthiness of the customer is not a factor in determining the program’s rate structure. We are a credit based lender – so if we approve your deal, you’re going to get the published rate. If we can’t approve your deal, we have relationships with other funding sources that may be able to structure an approval for your customer.

What is the process of submitting a transaction?

How do I calculate a payment?

Do you offer price breaks for larger transactions?

What fees are associated with a transaction at GreatAmerica?

Do your rates change?

When do I get paid?

What fees are associated with my customer’s financing agreement?

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