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10 Keys to Sales Management Success for Office Technology Dealers Blog Feature


Thomas Cooke

By: Thomas Cooke on May 8th, 2018

10 Keys to Sales Management Success for Office Technology Dealers

A manager works “through” employees to achieve goals. As simple as this may sound, it isn’t always as simple to do. With flatter organizations, increasingly diversified responsibilities, added pressures and fewer margins for error, the crucial role of sales management is both more important and more difficult.

Learning Outsource Group has supported the Office Technology Industry with Sales and Sales Management Leadership training solutions for over two decades. As the largest single provider of training resources to the dealer channel, we have been fortunate to work with the best in the business and would like to share some of what we have learned.

10 Keys to Sales Management Success:

  1. Invest in your future — Leadership and great management both require a commitment to lifelong learning. Investing in your future through education and personal development can help to simplify ever increasing and complex responsibilities.
  2. Create a success culture — The right values of business and personal conduct create a high potential success culture. Managers should always remember that elite, high performance team members want to be surrounded by other elite high performers.
  3. Lead with passion — The best possible motivation for action is “passion.” The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack! Leading with passion propagates passion in those who choose to follow.
  4. Hire the right people — Great teams start with the right people. Hiring and developing the right staff has never been more difficult or important. How we recruit and select employees is the first important step in building and sustaining an elite, high performance team. Get it right and you’ll easily recognize the difference! The GreatAmerica PathShare(R) HR Services division has a well-thought out hiring process that helps office equipment dealers do just that.
  5. Commit to developing your staff — Building or improving a business has never been a secret, but it requires that sales managers develop their staff to be as good or better than themselves. With employee development, sales productivity and the business in general can organically grow. Sales managers must learn how to develop their staff to think for themselves, make more decisions and accept responsibility for their actions.
  6. Become a winning coach — Great teams normally have a great coach. A great coach identifies player strengths as well as developmental gaps.They then develop effective strategies to leverage or develop these strengths and weaknesses.With much empathy, great coaches passionately support employee efforts for continuous improvement and greater success.
  7. Install a performance operating system — Great sales managers do the right things, at the right times and for the right reasons! This requires an operating system that contains the objectives, plans and resources which guarantee performance success. Most managers realize that they are not going to create this operating system on their own. So, the very best reach out for help to speed up their learning and implementation curve.
  8. Create a balanced motivational environment — Just as drive-in movies and rotary phones are no longer the standard; so should traditional motivation techniques be replaced with something more current and productive. Great sales managers understand the diverse and ever-changing motivations of their team members. Because of this, they also recognize the need for a continuously balanced motivational environment that feeds the need of any seller at any time.
  9. Eliminate low-payoff time wasters — If you go to work lacking a plan for the day, could you easily find 8-10 hours of work? Most say yes! With so many new and diverse responsibilities, sales managers cannot afford to spend time doing things that do not produce the highest possible return on their invested time. There are several low payoff time wasters that can be easily identified and eliminated with the right strategies.
  10. Expect improving performance — Great sales managers do not just hope for improved performance; they expect it! They expect it because they have learned where performance comes from; how to create it through others and the huge impact of a current and effectively implemented Sales Manager Operating System.

Today more than ever, sales management success does not just happen...

It is created!

How to consistently and repetitively create sales management success is much more complicated than sometimes expected. By implementing these 10 Keys to Sales Manager Success and the right operating system, it can happen!

I feel so fortunate to have worked with so many Sales Managers who continue to get it right.


Thomas Cooke

Thomas Cooke is the founder and president of Learning Outsource Group. Included in his corporate leadership responsibilities is the management of the company’s extensive capabilities and performance development services to clients throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim. As an internationally recognized speaker and facilitator since 1992, he has been a featured speaker at numerous executive leadership conferences for a variety of organizations and has authored / co-authored various training programs including the Sales Management Leadership Program. Thousands of managers and executives from over 20 countries have participated in programs he has created or facilitated during the past several years. He is considered an authority in Sales Education and Sales Management Leadership Development.

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