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Tyler Sylvester

By: Tyler Sylvester on February 17th, 2019

4 Ways You Are Not Using info-zone But Should Be!

Our dealers are our number one priority. To be truly available to their needs, we strive to make it easy for them to retrieve the information they need when they need it--whether that means picking up their call in two rings or less, or making sure they can easily access all information relating to their contracts with us.

If you currently do business with GreatAmerica, you’ve likely heard about info-zone™, the online dealer portal many of our dealers rely on to help them manage their contracts. Essentially, info-zone places power in the hands of our dealers – enabling them to retrieve almost any kind of information they may desire relating to their customers’ contracts without even having to pick up the phone to request it.

First, Let’s Review: What Is info-zone™?

At a high level, info-zone is a hub for our vendors to access relevant information about their various deals with GreatAmerica. It provides a structure for dealers to build and manage, not only contracts, but also the relationships they have with their customers. It provides instant access to virtually all details, whether that’s the details of a specific lease, or reports regarding to their entire portfolio with GreatAmerica. Conveniently browser based, the mobile-friendly portal is available anywhere a user can access an internet connection.

So what kind of information is stored in info-zone?

  • Payment history

  • Upgrade and buyout information

  • Customized reports

  • Invoices and billing information

  • Lease documents – several methods available – either downloadable blank lease documents to enter your information manually, or, complete our lease document form online, where much of your info is prepopulated and ready for submission.

  • Lease Originals

Just to name a few!

Every user has their own account which can be associated with a customized set of permissions to ensure the right users have visibility to the right information.

Are You Missing Out On Some of info-zone’s most helpful features?

As powerful a platform as it is, we find that it is rarely used to its full potential. While the various reports and tools it offers are too many to count, there are a few our dealers find especially valuable which we wanted to call out in this article. Read on and find out how you can start making use of some of the most valuable, yet, underutilized info-zone features today!

Contracts Expiring

With a million things on your radar, it can be a struggle to keep your finger on the pulse of all contracts at all times. Considering the competition in our industry grows fiercer by the day, it is crucial you are able to anticipate your customers’ needs and make plans for upgrades well before their contracts expire. To do that, you have to know when your customers’ contracts are nearing end of term, and you have to be ready to act to ensure your relationship with them doesn’t end with the contract. Too often, contracts are abandoned after they slip into automatic renewals, and when this happens, you present your competition with a prime opportunity to swoop in and steal their business away.

The ‘Contracts Expiring’ report can help prevent this. This report makes it much simpler to manage your relationships and contracts with your customers by keeping you in tune to the statuses of your various contracts. By subscribing to this report, dealers are able to keep a close eye on their contracts and keep aware of those that are swiftly coming to term. By proactively managing (and protecting) your customer base, you’ll also keep your radar up to upgrade opportunities and maintain a high customer retention rate.

Contract Audit Report

When you first set up a new contract, it’s important to be sure you have validated that the correct escalations and volume allowances have been set, and that the agreed upon overage charges have been incorporated into your billing arrangements. Using info-zone’s contract audit report, you can be proactive from day one by reviewing your escalation schedule/amounts in advance for the entire life of the contract.

Booked Contracts by Month

For sales leadership, one valuable report is the ‘Booked Contracts by Month’ Report. This report can help illustrate trends on a month to month basis, and serve to help sales leaders measure performance and develop the sales reps on their teams. It can also be used by sales reps to set personal sales goals, identify seasonal trends and provide insight into their specific market segments and customer buying habits.

Remittance/ Reconciliation

As a managed print provider, we don’t have to tell you how easy it can be for meter errors to eat into your profits. Whether your mistakes are small but frequent, rare but substantial, or a combination of both, errors of any kind add up and can cost your business bigtime, little by little eating into your bottom line.

In order to be sure we are billing, collecting and passing-through the correct amount, utilize our ‘Remittance/Reconciliation’ report. If you’re not validating that your meters are being billed accurately, you risk losing profit, or you could even find yourself owing your customers money, which can have a negative impact on everything from customer experience to cash flow and accounts payable.

But if you’re still manually entering meters, there may be a better way….

It’s important to note here that, though info-zone does allow you to enter you meters manually, anytime a person must key enter data, you are vulnerable to human error. The info-zone platform does make meter entry easy, but regardless, mistakes will continue to happen. While this feature is a great help to those needing to manually enter meter reads, automation can eliminate the manual step of this process to avoid errors from occurring in the first place.

By utilizing technology integrations with e-automate, you can send meters to our contract management team automatically and more accurately. You’ll also streamline your audit process as a result since we validate the meter reads you send us with the information in your customers’ contracts. You’ll spend less time entering meter data and worrying about inaccuracies, and have more time for revenue generating tasks.

What Other Cool Things Can You Do Using info-zone?

All of the above reports are extremely helpful, but we can’t forget the basic day to day tasks info-zone can help with like:

  • Submitting a credit app

  • Viewing the status of a credit app

  • Accessing an overview of meter information for all contracts

  • Reviewing information around booked contracts

  • Utilizing permission levels to ensure everyone has the proper access to the information they need

Learn How to Use info-zone Like a Pro

Info-zone is capable of so much more than this article discusses. It’s a powerful tool, and if leveraged to its full potential, can help you to be more efficient as an operation. If you’re interested in receiving formal training, reach out to your GreatAmerica Representative.

Download our FREE Portfolio Management Checklist

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Tyler Sylvester

Tyler Sylvester is a Sales Support Specialist II on the OEG Field Sales East Team. He's been with GreatAmerica since December of 2014, and though he's spent time on various teams, he's occupied the sales support role for the entirety of his career at GreatAmerica. Initially, Tyler started on Midwest team, and then moved into floater role where he worked with all core dealers. Prior to coming to GreatAmerica, he graduated from Coe College with a BA in Business Administration. When he's not at work, he enjoys working out and playing/watching sports.  

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