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Being a Legacy Isn't Always a Good Thing Blog Feature


Tawnya Stone

By: Tawnya Stone on May 30th, 2018

Being a Legacy Isn't Always a Good Thing

Why People, Not Just Systems, Need to Transform in the Office Equipment Industry

“There are no legacy systems, just legacy thinking.”  I heard this concept introduced at this year’s Mulesoft Connect conference by one of their customers.  It resonated so well with the audience that it was repeated multiple times throughout the remainder of the sessions. 

Most people have never heard of Mulesoft. It is software with the primary purpose of connecting back-end systems by creating reusable capabilities that can be utilized across organizations.  However, it is responsible for many household names and their innovative offerings to the commercial and consumer markets. 

Let’s break down the concept of legacy system. Many dealers are using systems that have run their business for decades.  One could argue that there are definitely legacy systems in the office equipment ecosystem.  However, the key is to evolve our thinking.  System connectivity is the key.  Here are some questions that I think office technology dealers should be asking themselves:

  • Why should we have to enter the same information more than once? 
  • Why can’t we easily use our data to create intelligence to help the decision making process? 
  • How can we automate manual tasks that are necessary to the process but not adding value to our customer?

Legacy thinking is just another way of justifying that things have to be a certain way because they always have been.  The opposite mindset is transformational thinking.  How can we transform how we do things without being limited to the process of the past?

GreatAmerica has embraced this concept by building capabilities with industry software providers that allow dealers to stay in their system of choice, but provide a seamless experience.  When communicating with GreatAmerica, dealers no longer have to enter data more than once. A couple of examples include: setting up alerts that can drive decisions and electronic validations that replace manual audits.

Take a look at your business—the processes, the systems and how much re-work and waste is embedded.  You don’t need to replace all of your legacy systems — just change your mindset and start transforming your thinking!

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Tawnya Stone

Tawnya Stone is Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Technology, at GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp. and past Chair of CompTIA’s MPS Community. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction, oversight and implementation of customer-facing tools and products across various GreatAmerica business units, working in close collaboration with business unit and functional leadership and external technology.

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