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Anna Buehler

By: Anna Buehler on November 12th, 2017

Generating Qualified Leads Through Inbound - GreatAmerica University: Lead Gen

Last week GreatAmerica hosted our first GreatAmerica University event focused specifically on lead generation through inbound. Speakers Lindsay Kelley of Convergo (formerly Prospect Builder) and Rachael Plummer, HubSpot, broke down some of the most sophisticated inbound strategies for Office Technology dealers. If you’ve never heard of inbound sales and marketing, it’s the act of driving sales and leads through helpful online content. Find out more on inbound, here.

Customers’ buying behaviors are shifting rapidly to more online research. Did you know that 70% of buyers do research online before ever reaching out to a company? It’s becoming more important than ever to have a searchable online presence that educates and inspires customers to want to buy. That’s where inbound marketing comes into play.

There were some great breakthroughs from the event, like “How do I get into the head of my buyer?” and “How can my company be the number one search result on Google?” I found a concept called “The Big 5” as one of the most important takeaways from the event.

The Big 5 is a concept presented by Lindsay Kelley, and was originally created by Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion as a strategy marketing and sales teams can use to help guarantee an increase in online traffic. Think of the Big 5 as the guidelines for building successful online content based on what your customers are most likely asking Google. Answering questions around these topics builds trust and helps you move the sale forward. Whether you’re using this in video, blog, or updating your website, you need to keep these topics top of mind.

  1. Cost/Price
    1. Today’s buyer expects to be able to find a price online. You can’t hide behind the smokescreen of “we’ll get there when we get there” anymore. Today’s buyers are informed buyers. Be their resource and stand out from the crowd.
  2.  Problems/ Issues
    1. You know you can’t make a sale without solving a problem. What are the potential problems your prospect could have with your copiers, IT Services or software? Head those issues off by answering them upfront online. You’ll provide transparency and build trust.   
  3. Versus or Comparison
    1. How often do you search Google and type “x product versus y product: which is better?” Your customers do too. Don’t be scared to write comparison infographics, blogs, or web pages to help answer those questions. You’ll be found first and become the trusted expert.
  4. Review-Based Questions
    1. How do you pick a restaurant in a new city? Do you just walk in or ask someone for a reference? Do you check Yelp for reviews? This translates into B2B selling. People look for reviews first. Ask your good customers to provide positive feedback online to boost your online reviews.
  5. Best of Questions
    1. Today’s buyer doesn’t want to weed through nonsense. They want what is the best “x” for my business. Write content to explain which copier, workflow software, or Managed IT provider would be best for their business. (Depending on your offerings.)

What we learned from Lindsay and Rachael is that the customers of old are going if not gone, and the old way of selling just isn’t going to work for today’s buyers. Through their hands-on training, Dealers in the office equipment industry can now better equip themselves to thrive in a digital world.

Wondering if you missed out? Interested in the full event agenda? Check it out here. We’ll be hosting a webinar on December 7th to go through why inbound marketing and sales techniques are so important to the growth of your business. Click here to sign up!

Anna Buehler

Anna Buehler, Marketing Manager in the Automotive Division at GreatAmerica, is responsible for providing creative marketing support and brand education within the Automotive sector. Anna graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Marketing.

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