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Anna Buehler

By: Anna Buehler on September 10th, 2017

Next Stop: The Benefits of Financing

Do you ever find yourself arriving at work in the morning and not remembering which turns you took to get there? It’s almost as if the car was driving itself. According the ELFA, 72% of all companies finance equipment. As an office equipment dealer it’s probably routine to offer a finance solution, but have you hired anyone new recently? Those new sales reps might not be aware of the benefits of financing. The concept might feel new to them, like getting your license when you’re 16 and every turn has to be consciously made. Check out the top three benefits of financing below and watch the video!

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    1. Increase Productivity with the Latest Technology

      • Your customers don’t have to postpone or delay putting the latest and best equipment/software to work for them. They can enjoy productivity improvements with the right tool for the job.

  1. Preserve Cash and Credit Lines

    • Financing is a proven way to conserve capital while acquiring needed equipment/software. Leasing does not tie up existing credit lines, allowing your customers to keep capital available for critical areas of their business, such as: personnel, inventory, or advertising.

  2. Easier Budget Forecasting

    • In an unpredictable economy, predictable payments are important. Providing a fixed monthly payment allows your customers to accurately forecast budgets.

Don’t let your new reps flounder through the benefits of financing. Offer them the training they need, so they can drive the success of your business. (Let us know if we can help!).

Anna Buehler

Anna Buehler, Marketing Manager in the Automotive Division at GreatAmerica, is responsible for providing creative marketing support and brand education within the Automotive sector. Anna graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Marketing.

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