How Can Technology Reduce My Staff's Stress Levels?

posted by Robin Fonck on Monday, April 16, 2018 in Office Equipment Blog

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults. We hear from office technology dealers regularly about the stress of managing their billing operations. Much of their stress comes from good things—growing customer lists, creative new finance offerings, processes that can’t keep up with the current demand, but its stress nonetheless.

Stress management is among the leading concerns for C-level leadership. Here are a few things I’ve learned as a lead to help my team members feel less stressed.

  1. Check-in With Your Employees Regularly
    • Have five to ten minute meeting every week with each team member. This gives them the opportunity to talk about tasks they’re struggling with and gives you the opportunity to help brainstorm a solution. They will feel supported and you can stay on top of their workload.
  2. Encourage Communication and Collaboration
    • Encourage your team to communicate and work together. When teams are able to communicate easily with each other, people feel more comfortable asking for help and they can better identify when someone needs a helping hand. Offer opportunities for your team to meet away from their desks.
  3. Manage Workloads
    • Workload is the major driver in job stress according to AIS. As a manager, it can be difficult at times to ascertain how much work an employee can complete in a day. While you want to make sure everyone has tasks to complete, finding the balance is necessary to keeping employees less stressed.

In my team (Contract Management at GreatAmerica), we focus specifically on helping office equipment dealers with number three. GreatAmerica has invested in a vast amount of technology integrations between our systems and industry leading software companies to help ease your team’s workload stress and help you become more successful. Below are just a few of the options your team can utilize:

  • Meter/ Invoice Integrations:
    • Our meter and invoice integrations allow you to never leave your primary business systems. Our partners include e-automate to submit meters to GreatAmerica. (Learn more at,
  • Usage Validation
    • Our Usage Validation offers your lease admins the ability to compare your usage total with our independently calculated usage total—to ensure we bill the correct amount.
  • Maintenance Validation
    • Our Maintenance Validation integrations allow you to compare your billed maintenance charge with ours. This time-saving integration eliminates errors.
  • Automated Cash Posting
    • Our Cash Posting integration allows you to receive your customer pass thru money as often as once a day.  
  • Contract Validation
    • Our Contract Validation creates a 12 point check on every contract that’s been changed or modified with GreatAmerica.

Reduce the stress on your employees by taking advantage of GreatAmerica and our economy of scales through our integrations. Learn more about our solutions today.  

Resources: Read more (and watch the video) about how one office technology dealer implemented technology integrations and experienced time saving benefits:


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Robin Fonck, Contract Management Operations Leader at GreatAmerica Financial is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Contract Management Team and works closely with all GreatAmerica business units and functional leaders. The Contract Management Team focuses on all aspects of invoicing, structural contract changes, dealer integrations and implementation of new billing programs.

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