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posted by Alisha Fishwild on Monday, November 06, 2017 in Office Equipment Blog

I love to run. Though it baffles my coworkers on why I run long distance races, it has taught me the importance of planning. A successful run can't be an on-the-fly decision—my body just doesn't work that way. In every race I've ran, the quality and the quantity of my preparation was what allowed me to be successful. The same can be said for building a call plan. If I don't put in any work in advance or stay top of mind, I'm not going to win the deal.

As a sales mentor at GreatAmerica, I've compiled ways your reps can build proactive call plans so they can successfully go the distance.

Train for Success 
Roleplay your calls. You're not going to be successful if you're not willing to practice asking questions. You have to condition yourself to execute all of the scenarios that will provide a valuable response for a customer.

Acquire Feedback
If your company records calls, plan for reviews with leaders and peers. If they don't, have a sales leader or peer listen in on calls with you. Having someone run through a call with you provides fresh perspective that can hear pieces you may have missed, provide critiques on your follow up, and help you recognize areas of improvement.

Do Your Research
Quality races happen when you eat right and plan for the weather. When planning a successful call do your due diligence and be confident that you're prepared for anything your customer could put in your path.

Know your Goals
Small goals along the way allow you to continuously improve and eventually beat your own personal records. When building a successful call plan, have a clear idea what you want to get out of the call. Even if it is more challenging than anticipated you'll always know you made it time well spent.

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Alisha Fishwild is a Director, Vendor Relationship Development with GreatAmerica Financial Services.  Alisha supports Independent Office Equipment Dealers by offering financing solutions and value-add business services to help dealers differentiate themselves, close more sales and build recurring revenue streams. Alisha has been involved in lease financing since 2000.  In her spare time, she loves spending time with her daughter and running.

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