Use F.U.E.L Statements to Power your Sales Presentations

posted by Gary Porter on Thursday, July 13, 2017 in Specialty Markets Group

Traditional sales training is based on the logic that features and benefits are what sells a product. The reason this approach fails to produce consistent sales closures is because it's based on the sales person's perceived value of the product - not the actual value the customer places on it. As sales professionals we have to remember we sell to people, and the most effective selling is accomplished by knowing what your customer wants to take from your product.  

To get into this frame of mind, create a FUEL Statement by following the steps in the example below.

Form A Promise

  • Determine your customer's need by asking open probes or questions, match your solution with their need, and then establish your promise. This equipment will… solve your needs.

Unveil a feature that supports the promise 

  • Finish the sentence with... because it… has been ergonomically designed

Explain the benefit that this feature creates

  • The benefit to you is… It is light weight and less stressful on the body

List the value of that benefit for your customer

  • And the real value to you is… You will get more done and feel better at the end of the day.

In the above example – the equipment may also give the user peace of mind (promise) because it is ergonomically designed (feature), which makes it light weight (benefit) and thus much safer to use (value).

Put FUEL to work for you.

  1. Take a few minutes during your next sales meeting to have your sales reps write as many different FUEL statements as they can about a single feature. Compile all of the FUEL statements and distribute them to each of your sales reps. Your sales reps can help cross train each other!  Click to download our FUEL Statement form!

  2. Compile FUEL statements on every product and place them in a convenient notebook. You’ll have a great “How to sell this machine” reference book to quickly educate any new hires.

  3. New product launch? Assign a different feature to each sales rep and have each rep prepare 10 FUEL statements. Share them all at the next sales meeting and see how quickly your entire sales team is up to speed on the new product!

  4. Prepare FUEL statements on your competition’s products. The more you know about their product – the better you can sell against it!


Write as many FUEL Statements as you can – keeping in mind that a single feature can produce numerous benefits and many values. You can come up with dozens, if not hundreds, of FUEL statements for each feature of your product.  Remember that sales people sell products and sales professionals sell to people

Download the FUEL Statement form below to get started!




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