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By: GreatAmerica
July 15th, 2020

Solar Industry Update “Inconsistent” is how we would describe the residential solar space at this time. Some companies are bullish, others have pulled back, while others are just trying to adjust and maintain. We hear one client saying they had a record June while another says the challenges of March, April and May continue. Despite their different circumstances, a few common themes emerge regarding capital supply and portfolio performance. 

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By: GreatAmerica
April 9th, 2020

Over the last year, GreatAmerica has been on a journey to evolve our marketing strategy to adopt an inbound approach. A big part of that has involved embracing video as a way to connect and engage with our customers and prospects. Our primary mission in doing so was to better serve these relationships by using video to educate and establish trust and transparency. But we also learned just how much video can enhance the way we communicate with everyone we collaborate with, both internally and externally.

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