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posted by Denise Miller on Wednesday, September 02, 2015 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

Talented job candidates are thirsty for information. They spend time looking for information before they ever apply for positions or reach out via networking opportunities. While they use a multitude of sources for this research, including social media and job board sites, the standby favorite remains the company’s website. According to a 2015 CareerBuilder report, a company’s website is the single most used resource for candidates searching for information.

Are candidates finding what they’re looking for on your company’s website? Whether you have a fully-baked career site or none at all, these components will help you craft a career site to engage top talent and transform candidates to team members.

Emphasize Your Employment Brand

Your employment brand forms the foundation for recruitment delivering your key messages as an employer of choice. Make sure that message is visible on your career site. Don’t have an employment brand, yet? Don’t sweat it! Read this blog on crafting an employment brand that attracts top talent.

Make It Visible

The first step here is to build a career page within your overall company website. Even more critical is making the page easy to navigate to from the homepage and not buried within the site. The best way to do this is by having a “Careers” link as a heading or tab on the company homepage. 

Speak to Them

Candidates are interested in more than what they’ll be doing in the role, they want to know about the career opportunities, the type of people they’ll be interacting with and the overall “feel” of the company culture.  Including insights into a “day-in-the-life” of one of the open positions or feature some openings and available career paths within your organization can be very effective. This should make those great candidates say, “Wow! I want work with this company! What an opportunity!”

Add the “Human Touch”

Use visuals like videos and pictures to give candidates a feel for the people and environment. Video increases the time a candidate spends learning about a company or job opening (source), so get some of your high performers or company leaders in front of the camera to share their feelings about the organization. Add photos from company and team outings. Make this a fun initiative for you and your organization and share these positive experiences with your prospective employees!

Include a Call to Action

Getting candidates to your website just isn’t good enough – you need them to apply. Candidates should quickly be able to find where to submit their information within your career site. The less clicks the better!

Make it User Friendly

Keep these things in mind when creating your Careers site call to action:

  • Make the “Apply Now!” button visible
  • Keep the application process to 3-4 steps
  • Ensure candidates can get through those steps in 5-10 minutes
  • Consider the ability to take action from a mobile device

Make Applying a Great Experience

Guarantee a response to each applicant and according to CareerBuilder you start them out with a positive experience. It is simple to build an auto response, so once they hit Submit they get confirmation their information was received. Done well, this also reinforces your positive recruiting brand.

Implementing these tips into your Careers site and overall recruiting strategy will increase interest from top talent who want to work for YOU!

Need help with any of these elements? Reach out to our PathShare® HR Services team today for more information 866-629-5118 or Learn more by visiting the PathShare HR Services website:

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