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If you’re following a sales process, there is a lot of work that goes into a potential client before your proposal to them. (If you aren’t following a sales process, attend one of these seminars on implementing one.)  Then, comes the all-important meeting for the proposal.


You’ve prepared for the past week for this meeting, walk in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hand out the proposal to all of the decision makers, and begin your presentation. Unfortunately, it is human nature for your customer to begin thumbing through the proposal to the BIG NUMBER AT THE END before you even finish introductions. You’ve lost them. That is the first of four mistakes that could be killing your sale.


#1 Wait to hand out the proposal until you have finished your presentation. That way you’ve made all the points you are going to, and are able to walk them all through the presentation in front of them.


#2 Take off the line-item pricing. That is no doubt the fastest way to get the customer to tell you they don’t need something on the proposal. Plus, you are presenting a total solution, right? Not just a bunch of “stuff”.


#3 Stop using part numbers, technical jargon and specs in your proposals! You should be presenting to decision makers, and they want to know the benefits of the solution, rather than the bits and bytes.


#4 Remove the cash price from the proposal, and keep it in your back pocket. There is nothing quite like sticker shock to get your customer to think of all the reasons they don’t need your solution. A monthly budgeted payment is a lot easier for the customer to digest.


Most quoting software is dynamic enough to accommodate changes. Work with them – or with me – to get your template set up for the perfect proposal. Remember – we have quoting integrations with Quosal, QuoteWerks, Tigerpaw and CorsPro.


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