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It’s the start of a new year and the gyms are packed with the New Year’s Resolutions crowd that promised they’d get in shape this year. Despite high hopes and best intentions, 80% of them will stop going by the second week in February. 

Maybe you’ve been one of them. You recognize the health benefits and that you’d ultimately be happier, but after a few weeks you stop exercising. Sure, you gave it an honest shot, but it doesn’t take long for the old habits to creep back up.

It takes more than the force of will to change a lifestyle.

The same can be said about changing selling habits. Without the right conditions, the resolution to sell monthly payments goes the way of New Year’s exercise goals: a good attempt for a short period of time, but no lasting change.

You or your team may want to sell monthly payments; you’ll probably even commit to it. After all, monthly recurring revenue brings a wealth of benefits. Clients will be stickier so you won’t have to fight for their business all over again. It’ll be easy to sell them new equipment when the time comes if they’re used to a monthly payment –and who doesn’t want monthly recurring revenue, stickier clients with predictable upgrades? Yes, you’re aware of the long-term benefits that come with selling monthly payments. Still, how many weeks is it before you or your team falls back into the comfortable routine of only selling cash? That’s where you come in.

“Weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increased clients’ ability to move upward through the stages of change in regard to physical activity.” - Steven R. McClaran, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin

If we look at sales habits through the lens of the exercise research, the owner or sales leadership has to act as the personal trainer for the sales team to create that change.  The odds of success increase dramatically with somebody to guide us and hold us accountable.

Imagine if someone with the New Year’s Resolution to get in shape had a trainer that kept track of how often they went to the gym each week. There would be repercussions if they didn’t perform and rewards if they exceeded expectations. I bet a whole lot more than 80% would still be going.

It’s up to you to get your sales team in shape. Not just for their long-term well-being, but for the sake of your company’s too.


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Wil Meggers, Vice President and General Manager, is responsible for providing unified, strategic leadership for the sales processes in the Unified Communications and IT group’s internal business teams.  

Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 2004, Wil was an independently licensed insurance agent for the Eastern Iowa region.Wil joined GreatAmerica as a Vendor Relationship Manager for the East Atlantic Region. Wil has also served as the Sales Director for the Southeast and Northeast Territories of the office equipment group, focusing on the training and development of the internal sales staff.

Wil received a B.A. degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

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