posted by Jennifer Gadberry on Monday, September 25, 2017 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

The world is changing. Technology is evolving.  It’s easy for businesses to simply stick with the ‘way we’ve always done things’. However, that’s a risky choice and turning a blind eye to change results in going out of business.

The key is to find your superpower and figure out how to adopt it completely in the changed world, according to Byron Reese, author and CEO of Gigaom who spoke at an event at GreatAmerica last week.

What is your company exceptional at and how will it transform with new technology? If Blockbuster realized they were number one at making media entertainment convenient and easy to access, they would have realized streaming videos was an even better way to help them achieve that.

Instead, Blockbuster was entrenched in their ways and failed to adopt transformative technology.  The problem is being afraid of the technology instead of embracing and discovering how it can help your company achieve its purpose.

Byron uses the example of ATM machines. When they were first created, bank tellers were terrified it meant the end of their jobs. However, the ATMs cut costs so that banks were able to build even more branches (which meant hiring MORE bank tellers). These tellers weren’t meant to just take deposits and process checks anymore. They were there to build relationships with customers. Thanks to lowering overhead costs, banks were able to focus on customer service and being the best at helping their customers become financially successful.

How can VoIP, the cloud and monthly payments help better serve your customers and use your superpower to provide a complete technology solution? If you are using your superpower completely in the changed environment, and continue to see how new technology only makes your superpower stronger, then you will be set up for success with whatever tomorrow brings.

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Jennifer Gadberry is the National Program Manager for the Unified Communications & IT business unit at GreatAmerica. She is responsible for enhancing the operational processes and program specifications with manufacturer and vendor partners. Jennifer is also currently a team leader and leads a group of Sales Support Specialists. Since joining GreatAmerica in 2004, Jennifer has served as a vendor transaction manager and a leader within that function.

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