Is your Financing Option as Scalable as Cloud?

posted by Chris Prevenas on Monday, April 18, 2016 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

There are many reasons your customers are making the move to Cloud. It is affordable, there isn’t a lot of setup or maintenance and it can grow with their organization.

One misconception of traditional equipment financing is once you commit to your agreement you are stuck with the equipment and payment amount on the original agreement. So what happens if your customer needs more users or to downsize?  What if they need an accessory to the original solution?  Let’s break down how that looks on a finance agreement.

Adding On

Finance agreements can easily handle the addition of new equipment and accessories at any time.  If your customer adds an employee you’ll need to equip them. With cloud you just add the equipment and charge them going forward.  It looks exactly the same to your customer with a finance agreement.  The end user simply adds equipment as needed throughout the term that makes adding new employee seamless. 

Add-ons can either be co-terminus (match the remaining payments) to the original finance agreement, or they can be on their own term.  Both options provide the same scalability as Cloud.  The documentation is simple, and the new payment is integrated into the invoice for the original agreement.


If we know ahead of time about potential downsizing, it is much easier to accommodate when the time comes. Removing workstations isn’t impossible on a finance agreement, but a pure Cloud model makes it much more seamless to flex down when needed.

Financing is Flexible

The misconception of rigid financing couldn’t be further from the truth. We built several programs to mimic Cloud and As-A-Service to provide scalable and profitable solutions that can be complementary to Cloud or an alternative.

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Chris Prevenas is the Director of National Accounts on the Unified Communications and IT team at GreatAmerica. Chris is responsible for evolving and enhancing relationships with manufacturers and dealer groups to ensure we help their channel partners succeed. Chris has held a number of roles at GreatAmerica in his 13 year tenure include customer support and sales.

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