Three Ways to Create a MEMORABLE Customer Experience

posted by Kevin Kropf on Monday, June 27, 2016 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

Customer Service has become one of those phrases some companies use so often it loses its meaning. Those companies may put processes in place or provide scripts, yet somehow their service is still average. Implementing memorable customer service takes some work, but is where the payoff is.

Do you remember the last time you got only what you asked for or expected? Probably not. How about when someone went out of their way, above and beyond? That is meaningful. It is hard to dismiss the person or company who delighted you with something you didn’t even ask for. That is not just customer service. That is memorable customer service, or as we like to call it, The GreatAmerica Experience!

That great service is at our core, and in our foundation. Still, we can do better. Just last month, we brought in the Ritz Carlton to give us a fresh perspective on memorable customer service. Here are the three things I took away as ways to make each customer experience memorable.

Attitude and Effort

I tell my two young boys this all the time: “Attitude and effort are the few things that you are in complete control of, every day, all day.” It starts in the morning. Come into work with the right attitude. Yesterday was good, today is going to be even better, and I am excited for what tomorrow holds.


If you pick up the phone and are not excited, the person on the other end will know. Don’t fake it either . . . we have all heard that as well. Do you really buy into the system and the leadership? How about your customers? Are you really interested in them being satisfied or happy? Are you thrilled they decided to talk to you today? They’ll know either way, and remember at that moment you are representing your company.

Radar On, Antenna Up

Are you ready? Are you focused on your customer? What do they really need or want? You never know how many strikes you’ve had with your customers. You need to do everything in your power to make sure you go above and beyond. Make sure you notice the little things. Did they just go on vacation? Do they have a son or daughter getting ready for graduation? Always focus on them; they don’t want to hear about your weekend!

Memorable Customer Service is hard work but the payoff can be well worth it. Customers know anybody here can help them; but it is a wonderful felling when they call me directly to get my flavor of The GreatAmerica Experience!

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About The Author

Kevin Kropf is a Vendor Billing Specialist at GreatAmerica and a member of the GreatAmerica Experience Committee where he supports the foundation of service GreatAmerica is built from. Kevin started his career at GreatAmerica Financial in 1999, working in Portfolio Management and is currently a member of the Vendor Billing Solutions team as a VBS Specialist II. Prior to coming to GreatAmerica, Kevin attended Northwestern College where he studied elementary education. After school, Kevin met his wife Roxanne while coaching volleyball at Mount Mercy University.  Kevin spends his time with his two young boys, volunteering in his community’s youth sports teams along with the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout and continues his Scouting career as a unit leader.

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