Three Ways to Make Your Quotes Instantly More Appealing to Customers

posted by Lori Berry on Monday, March 21, 2016 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

We see it a lot. A Solution Provider will say they lost a deal because they were priced out by a competitor, or the deal got whittled down because their customer didn’t think they needed everything in the solution.

Industry experts agree – your quote may be the cause of those symptoms. From sitting through breakout sessions and webcasts with these experts and seeing best practices in place with our Solution Providers, we’ve determined three simple ways for you to make your quotes more appealing.

1. Get rid of part numbers and technical descriptions.

Keep your customer in mind when you are crafting your proposal. The C-Level person you are presenting to likely doesn’t want to see the bits and bytes of each element of your solution. Instead, replace the technical descriptions with business descriptions on how that part of the solution will improve their business. You’ll win bonus points if you demonstrate you listened during the discovery or assessment.

2. Remove line-item pricing

Pair your line item pricing with technical descriptions and you’ve crafted the best invitation for your customers to price shop you on Amazon or CDW. Plus, you increase the likelihood your customer identifies the most expensive item on the proposal and decide they don’t need it…even if it is the most critical piece of the solution they have agreed on.

3. Give them options, but don’t overwhelm them.

This has the ring of Goldilocks to it, doesn’t it? Not too little and not too much. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you are quoting financing, stick to two or three options. Providing only one could lead your customer to request more options, just to have them. On the flip side, giving them every option, you risk paralyzing them with too many choices.

Remember you are a trusted advisor for your customers. They expect you to make recommendations for everything from what technology they need, to what the best financial option is. Be sure to encourage your client to choose an option that is best for them and your business.

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Lori K. Berry is the Director of Strategic Technology for the Communications and Data Group at GreatAmerica Financial Services. She began her career in the IT channel  as an account manager for an MSP in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2003 before joining GreatAmerica in 2009. Lori has represented GreatAmerica at industry events, putting most of her focus on Life-Cycle FinancingTM, a strategy that combines financing solutions with IT business objectives. Lori also develops integration between GreatAmerica client portal tools and client software applications.  Lori earned her B.A. degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) from the University of Northern Iowa as well as a certificate in International Business. Email:

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