Which Came First, the Sales Process or the Sales Person?

posted by Denise Miller on Tuesday, September 06, 2016 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

It’s the age-old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, with a hiring for sales talent twist.

In our annual partner survey we heard loud and clear how difficult it is to find and attract top performing candidates, especially in sales.

Often when we think about hiring sales talent we focus on where to find them, what qualifications they need and what we need them to do. Could it be that we’re overlooking a key area for long-term sales hiring success?

How might a defined, consistent sales process help your company attract new and retain existing sales talent? Answering this could help you, your current sales team and potential candidates. Here are seven benefits you could experience immediately from adopting a sales process.

  • Talking about your sales training and sales process on your website, in recruiting materials and during your interview/hiring process shows the potential candidate how you will support their goal attainment and answers “what’s in it for me?” It also helps provide a differentiator between you and someone else they may be interviewing with.

  • When interviewing, ask a behavior-based interview question regarding a specific step of your sales process. (Read this blog to see what behavior assessments can do to your hiring process.) Then listen to see how the candidate describes their behaviors and assess fit for your company.

  • It allows existing sales staff to continually hone their skills through foundational selling skills refreshment training opportunities.

  • It gives everyone on the sales team a common language as they discuss accounts, new opportunities, challenges and success stories.

  • It supports sales management in providing a process for consistent training and coaching moments. Since you all use the same process, the steps and terminology will be the same for diagnosing problems and coaching opportunities.

  • It creates a way to differentiate your sales people (in a good way) from your competitors. How your sales person interacts with customers matters!

  • It creates the repeatable process that helps your sales representatives track and achieve their monthly quotas.

Consider working on your sales process along with your hiring process for sales hiring success!

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About The Author

Denise Miller is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with PathShare® HR Services. In this role, Denise focuses on helping GreatAmerica customers be more successful in the area of hiring and sales training.  She is a certified AVA analyst through Bizet Human Asset Management and regularly conducts behavior-based interviews. Prior to joining the PathShare team in 2013 Denise spent 10 years in a sales role at GreatAmerica working directly with Dealers in the Office Equipment industry helping them grow their customer base.

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