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At our National Sales Meeting, our GreatAmerica COO, David Pohlman, talked about what I feel is a very fitting analogy. He compared GreatAmerica to an aircraft carrier. The first thing people think of and probably notice on the carriers are airplanes and their pilots. This is because they are on the frontline and the main purpose of the carriers. However, in order to keep airplanes ready to go and able to run missions, a majority of the personnel on the aircraft carrier are not pilots.

With over 6,000 personnel on some U.S. aircraft carriers, people have a wide variety of roles other than being a pilot to keep it running smoothly. You have mechanics, air traffic controllers, electricians, enginemen, and many more. Without their contributions and the cohesion of all those different responsibilities, the pilots would never be able to leave the aircraft carrier in their planes to carryout important missions.

The same is true with a business. Often times, a business puts a lot of focus is put on their sales people and the products or services offered – rightfully so, they are on the frontlines, and a lot of direct success or failure of the business comes from their performance. However, sales wouldn’t be able to go to meetings, spend time on the phone, or have the hardware or services to sell if it wasn’t for all the efforts of everyone else on the team. Their contributions lead to the opportunities and handle the maintenance and care after the sale.

It is an important lesson that without those behind-the-scenes, the team members who help ensure the aircraft carrier is running smoothly, the airplanes are fueled, fine-tuned, and ready for take-off, no battles would be won. Team recognition is important, so make sure they all know how valuable their efforts are. After all, the better job they do – the more motivated and engaged they are – and the more missions the pilot can run, and the more likely you are to win your battles.

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Jennifer Gadberry is the National Program Manager for the Unified Communications & IT business unit at GreatAmerica. She is responsible for enhancing the operational processes and program specifications with manufacturer and vendor partners. Jennifer is also currently a team leader and leads a group of Sales Support Specialists. Since joining GreatAmerica in 2004, Jennifer has served as a vendor transaction manager and a leader within that function.

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