Our reputation is only as good as how our customers feel about their experience with us. We strive to provide the best service for our Brokers.

"Our relationship with the people of GreatAmerica began as most do-one person reaching out to another to share ideas and solutions. This started more than a decade ago. To date, our business, in partnership with GreatAmerica, has funded just less than $100 million in lease and finance agreements. We have found that GreatAmerica has common goals, values and ideas of what a successful business partnership means; Trust, loyalty, creativity and ethics!"

Pete Davison Pete Davison
Advantage Financial Services, LLC

"The word that resonates the most is "partnership." GreatAmerica not only offers their services when the economy is strong but supports their partnerships during the trying times while maintaining extremely high service levels. GreatAmerica has always had a clear vision of their markets and has never strayed from their vision or partnerships."

Bob Altiero Bob Altiero
National Commercial Capital, Inc.


Providing uninterrupted funding to the broker community since 1997.

The Direct Programs Group partners with brokers who have expertise in select niche vendor programs and recognize the value of our premium service. It is our high level of service and flexibility along with our consistent, stable approach to the market that gives our brokers the tools needed to be successful. 

The Direct Programs Group helps their select Broker customers originate, maintain, and strengthen their vendor relationships while honoring the security of the bond between the Broker and their customer. We leverage the capabilities of GreatAmerica to help build customized solutions for our customers.


Broker Bill of Rights

Our Broker Bill of Rights gives our Brokers the confidence and peace of mind that their customers belong to them. The Broker community has been integral in providing the ideas behind the tools we’ve developed to help them build their businesses.

Pass-thru Billing

GreatAmerica billing systems provide pass-thru capabilities for services, supplies, maintenance, and other billed items for your qualified vendors.

This 24/7 online portal provides front, back-end, and robust reporting capabilites to manage vendor-based programs.

Equipment Financed

Our focus is on financing essential use equipment sourced through our brokers niche vendor programs. Some of the equipment types we are currently financing through our brokers include:

Network IT


Software (mission critical)

Franchise Related

Office Equipment



Light Industrial and Manufacturing


Automotive Repair


Point of Sale


The Direct Programs Group is associated with the top organizations in the industry. Those organizations include:


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