GreatAmerica University: Lead Gen Seminar


November 08, 2017 - November 9, 2017

12:13 AM - 12:13 AM

GreatAmerica Headquarters
Cedar Rapids, IA

Josie Heskje (

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Lead generation and marketing are getting more play in the office technology space in the past couple of years and there’s reason for it. Buyer habits have changed, and traditional sales techniques have become less effective. Layer on the fact that technology advancements have enabled buyers to often surpass your sales force, getting the information they need before they ever knock on your door, or worse, the door of your competitor, and we find our wake up call.

In this inaugural event, we’re bringing in marketing and technology experts who will share specific steps your dealership can take to evolve its smarketing (yes, that’s sales and marketing) approach. We’ll also examine the pitfalls of ignoring the changing behavior of your buyers and journey into the world of inbound sales and marketing.  Featured speakers include: Rachel Plummer of Hubspot and Lindsay Kelley of Prospect Builder.

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