We provide financing solutions and related business services to our vendors and their customers in the HealthCare IT, Laboratory, and Diagnostic markets.

The HealthCare Group develops long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with manufacturers and distributors of essential small ticket medical equipment and software.

We use a consultative sales approach to develop financial programs that work for the manufacturer, distributor, and their customers. We support our customer throughout the entire financing process to ensure a seamless, positive experience.

Our sales force is aligned by industry segment to maximize the depth of their knowledge. We leverage this expertise and our systems capabilities to create flexible solutions in each segment. This dedicated interest affords us the credibility necessary to represent the vendor throughout the transaction.

Products and Services

Our financing programs are tailored to fit industry nuances and market segments. Each has been customized in response to our customer's needs.

Cloud Financing

We have successfully built a funding model that allows you to maximize your upfront funding while offering a Cloud Model to your customers.

Cost Per Programs

We provide your customers an easy way to acquire your technology and justify a cost per procedure/image against reimbursement for that procedure or image.

Bundled Billing

We provide convenience to you and your customers by offering the ability to bundle equipment, consumables, service, warranties, and software on a single invoice. We will send your customers professional invoices that are easy to understand. Bundled billing will allow your customer to acquire a total solution and you to secure service contracts for the full term.

Pass Through Billing

Pass Through Billing provides an easy way for you to establish future customer revenue while providing the convenience of a single monthly payment.

Future Funds

Offers your customer the flexibility to get their equipment now and have up to 6 months to decide how they want to pay for it. Ideal for hospitals or large practices who need to manage their capital and operating budgets.


The ideal solution for a customer looking for one-invoice billing that includes both capital equipment and disposables. Cost per test and just in time solutions available.

0% Program

Rate-subsidized programs to create the final push to get your customers to commit.

90-Day Deferred

A simple deferred payment structure that allows a practice to begin generating income from their equipment before having to make payments.

Tech Refresh

The easiest way to help a customer with future equipment upgrades. A fixed monthly payment amount on their next unit can eliminate cost objections.

Step Payment

Tailored to meet the cash flow realities of your customer. A step payment plan matches payments to revenue.

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