Cultivating Culture

Every company has a culture. Is your culture what you desire? Is it important to consciously perpetuate your culture as your company grows?


According to the 2015 GreatAmerica Customer Survey, “attracting and retaining top talent” was the number one customer challenge. Company culture impacts your ability to recruit and retain top talent, but its impact doesn’t stop there. Your culture impacts your relationship with your customers, your ability to implement your business plans and even your bottom line financial success.

Studies have shown companies with strong values also have strong business performance. PathShare® can help you define the values that will deliver on your culture to:

  • Build stronger employee engagement— leading to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity and lower turnover

  • Further clarify your company values and ways to reinforce desired behaviors through 7 cultural levers

  • Bring increased focus of company vision and goals to create organizational alignment in pursuit of those goals

“Through PathShare’s leadership, our culture team set out to define our culture, what we wanted it to look like in the future, and did a gap analysis in order to build the culture and core values that we wanted. We now use our culture and core values to attract, motivate, and retain top performing talent to positively impact our relationship with clients and ultimately our financial bottom line.  This is fueling our growth!”

- Steve Jacobs, President, Infomax Office Systems, Inc.

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