Big hiring and growth plans? Turnover a problem? Hire with confidence!

Successful hiring is done through a well thought out and consistent hiring process. PathShare® HR Services can assist with any or all steps of the process to help you hire for long-term success.


We want to understand your current hiring process, your hiring needs and the challenges you’re having. Think of your hiring process like a scientific experiment. Is there a variable you can change, a variable you can add or delete that will help you achieve the results you seek? Whether you need help with a step or the entire hiring process, PathShare has the expertise to help build a customized solution.

Hire with confidence! Look to PathShare to:

  • Customize their industry benchmarks to meet your unique needs, helping you identify what you’re looking for in a candidate and hone in on the matches.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan so you can source (find) both active and passive candidates to ensure you have a talent pipeline

  • Share ways to engage with today’s candidates to determine their career aspirations and generate interest in working with you and your team

  • Help you define a process to objectively assess the candidate for knowledge, skills and behaviors needed for success in the role, as well as, cultural fit

  • Obtain a candidate's acceptance by framing the opportunity in the form of an offer that outlines all the benefits of joining your team

  • Share ways to bridge the transition from their current job to a new career on your team

"PathShare has been a great asset to our company for a number of years.  They give us the HR resource of a much larger company.  They have helped us in many areas but the two that stand out are recruiting and corporate culture.  They provided and taught us a process to recruit, interview and hire the right people for the right job. We have happy employees that are having fun and working hard."

- Bob Gobin, President, Gobin's, Inc.



“How do I attract and retain top sales talent?” While the question is generally simple, there is no silver bullet, obviously, or it wouldn’t come up time and time again as one of our industry’s greatest challenges.

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A company's website is the single most used resource for job candidates searching for information. Make sure they are finding what they need with a well-crafted career site.

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Experiencing turnover or low employee engagement? Utilize the four c's of effective onboarding to expedite your new employee's time-to-productivity.

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