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Successful organizations have a well-defined and consistent sales process. Create a foundation of success through Professional Selling Skills® workshops.

A consistent sales process yields repeatable results. Does your sales team have a solid sales foundation they can rely on to build repeatable results?

Whether you’re hiring industry veterans or raw talent, give your team the sales training to help them best interact with customers from the first engagement and every touchpoint from there on. A consistent, successful sales process will differentiate your company in the marketplace.

MHI Global’s Professional Selling Skills® (PSS) training is designed to help your sales team move from transactional selling to a needs-based consultative selling approach.


MHI Global Professional Selling Skills® (PSS) Workshop


GreatAmerica & PathShare Headquarters | Cedar Rapids, IA


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Can't make it to a session in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Call 855.627.6614 to scheduling an onsite workshop at your location.



Move classroom learning into day-to-day selling skills through PathShare's built-in follow up.

  • 2 intensive classroom workshop days focused on learning concepts, seeing them demonstrated and then getting a chance to try the skill through interactive activities and role plays
  • 10 weekly follow-up webinars to reinforce the PSS process using customers you're calling on
  • 3 quarterly workshops customized to the areas you identify as important to focus on and further hone your skills using the PSS process

That's a full year of integrating the PSS process into your day-to-day sales plan to help you achieve your sales goals!

"I have been in sales for almost 20 years and I wanted to continue to educate myself and my staff on how to improve the consistency of their fact finding and sales revenue.  After doing quite a bit of research I realized how Denise and Great America’s PSS class could help my team.  I was so impressed with what I saw, I even decided to take the class myself.  DAILY, I see improvement of my team, their sales, and the quality of the information they bring back from our clients and potential clients.  I am grateful for what they were taught and will hire Denise again as the next generation of sales people come through my door!"

- Jason Coglianese, Director of Sales at JQ Office



We’ve all taken part in the 4 stages of learning. It is important to recognize where your individuals are in the process of learning the new solutions or responsibilities so you don’t throw in the towel too early on your new endeavors.

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In addition to increased competition and changes in the buying process, sales growth is made even more difficult by high turnover and lack of qualified candidates. Lucky there are just a few steps to take to accomodate to these headwinds.

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One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not following up on their investment of time and money in employee training. The crime is not sending your employees to training. The crime is the lack of intentional follow-up for those that attend trainings.

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