Hot, Warm, or Cold Servicing Solutions




Run partial or full parallel systems with the primary servicer.  Complete data mapping and testing offers a more condensed transition period.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly data file storage
  • Data mapping and testing
  • Portfolio monitoring and review
  • Periodic on-site operational reviews
  • Transition planning
  • Resource allocation

Transition time frame:  less than 30 days 

Review monthly servicer reports, perform portfolio analysis and store portfolio data files.

  • Monthly data file storage
  • Data mapping
  • Portfolio monitoring and review
  • Initial onsite operational review
  • Transition planning

Transition time frame:  30+ days 

GPSG would be named as a possible successor servicing option with minimal monitoring and transition preparation.   

  • Semi-annual or annual data file storage
  • Limited upfront data mapping
  • Periodic portfolio monitoring and review
  • Reservation of space on servicing systems

Transition time frame:  60+ days 

  • Glass Door