When Tony Golobic set out to build GreatAmerica, he wanted to create a company that valued service to its customers and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted an innovative company that aspired to reach the highest standards of excellence in everything it did in order to become a business without competition.

This vision required a structure that could maximize human potential, maintain superior product quality, and recognize outstanding performance. Tony’s fundamental belief in people provided the philosophical backdrop for an evolution that was to come. GreatAmerica embarked upon transforming its management style into a team-based structure. Its organization chart has the customer at its center, surrounded by teams who are supported by senior leadership. The idea was to establish teams of cross-trained individuals with intimate knowledge of their customers and who were responsive to their myriad needs.

The scalability of the team structure also preserved the intimate, small-company feel as GreatAmerica expanded. Teams of empowered individuals rising to their potential and making informed decisions continue to benefit the company and its customers today. Everyone at GreatAmerica participates in a bonus structure that integrates personal and company goals that help grow GreatAmerica and reward individual team member accomplishments.

GreatAmerica has become an employer of choice in Eastern Iowa. In 2007, the company was named “The Best Place to Work” by The Edge of Excellence. In 2011, a Des Moines Register poll ranked GreatAmerica 4th in the state among midsize companies as one of the best places to work. GreatAmerica has refined its hiring processes to fit its culture of highly motivated teams. Team members have a great degree of autonomy in creating their own personal fulfillment. They are encouraged to demonstrate special interests, experience, or skills that help advance GreatAmerica goals and objectives. This, in turn, fuels our high retention rates and internal satisfaction levels that translate directly into a positive and consistent customer experience.

An Architecture of Participation
GreatAmerica is organized into seven entities: Office Equipment, Unified Communications and IT, Automotive, HealthCare, Direct Programs, Specialty Markets, GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group LLC, and Collabrance LLC. Each unit immerses itself into the market it serves and taps into the complex dynamics that go into making a business successful. Our expertise is gained through internal training, dealer councils, industry events, and intense research in the industry each business unit serves. These activities inform all levels of the company and create a fertile environment that fosters innovative problem-solving.

Knowledge is not a static concept at GreatAmerica, and creating a fluid environment begins with an easy flow of communication among team members and company leadership. Facilitated by an open floor plan with no walls, this communication is vital to identifying opportunities and bringing meaningful change to the markets we serve. This change comes in the form of innovative programs, tools, and solutions for our customers.

Empowerment, cross training and the culture of innovation are critical to the continued success of GreatAmerica. Indeed, the sharing of team roles creates a feedback loop essential to the smooth and consistent delivery of our services.

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