GreatAmerica Passes $1 Billion Milestone

posted by Matt Doty on Monday, October 12, 2009

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa) -- GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation announced today that it passed the $1 billion mark in assets, a milestone unequalled by any private independent small ticket leasing company in the U.S. The achievement comes at a time when many financial services companies are experiencing layoffs, restricting their underwriting, and struggling to secure sources of capital for their own growth.
The milestone is especially meaningful in the finance industry since it is comprised of "organic" growth as opposed to growth through acquisitions. "We took no shortcuts, no smoke and mirrors," said Tony Golobic, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We did only what we felt was for the long-term good of our customers, our employees, our community, and our owners.”
GreatAmerica opened its doors 17 years ago amidst a field of 44 competitors. Today, fewer than five of those competitors are still in business, a strong testament to the durability of GreatAmerica and vision of its leadership.
"Today we have a billion dollar company we can all be proud of with a reputation no one can match – one of great care for our customers, of hard work, of integrity and of excellence," Golobic wrote in a company-wide email.  "It is a reputation each and every one of you had a role in building and a reputation all of us must and will continue to build upon."
Golobic is already looking at the $2 billion mark as a goal well within reach. “We are certain that one day we’ll be celebrating a two billion dollar GreatAmerica -- a two billion dollar GreatAmerica with an even greater reputation than we have today,” Golobic said. “We are all building a future worthy of our dreams.”
The Company was originally incorporated in Michigan in 1990 and renamed itself GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation when it moved to its headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1992.
GreatAmerica is a national commercial equipment finance company dedicated to helping manufacturers, vendors, and dealers be more successful and keep their customers for a lifetime. GreatAmerica provides financing and consulting services in all fifty states and some U.S. Territories. GreatAmerica has a staff of over 300 employees with offices in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Missouri.
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