Printersdirect MPS Ready® Remanufactured Hardware Now Eligible for Financing from GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation

posted by Printersdirect on Monday, April 02, 2012

(ATLANTA, GA) – Printersdirect, a world leader in remanufacturing laser printers for the managed print services industry, is pleased to announce that GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation has approved financing for its line of MPS Ready® remanufactured hardware.

With the continued adaptation of remanufactured printers into a dealer’s hardware replacement strategy, there remains a need for financing options to support the business model. Managed Print Services (MPS) dealers deploy remanufactured printers for fleet continuity, by replacing an old or failed device with its equivalent remanufactured model. While priced, on average, 50% less than a new printer model, dealers have been forced to outlay cash for their remanufactured hardware purchases. This is cost prohibitive in full-fleet replacements and other large opportunities.

To close the gap between the increased need for remanufactured hardware options and the lack of financing to support the purchases, Printersdirect and GreatAmerica have partnered to provide leasing accessibility to the MPS dealer community.

“The lack of financing options available for remanufactured printers has prevented MPS dealers from selecting hardware that delivers the most profit for their program,” stated Christian Pepper, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing for Printersdirect. “Our partnership with GreatAmerica means that MPS Ready hardware will now qualify for feasible finance options. This will help dealers close larger contracts, deliver increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings to their customers and benefit from higher MPS program profits.”

“More and more MPS dealers are making remanufactured hardware a significant part of their programs, and we recognize the need to ensure financial access to these devices,” said Greg VanDeWalker, Senior VP of Strategic Relationships at GreatAmerica. “Upon reviewing the stringent process that Printersdirect uses to manufacture their MPS Ready hardware, we are confident that these devices should be integrated into our financing programs at GreatAmerica.”

To learn more about the terms and conditions of MPS Ready hardware and secure financing for these devices contact


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