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posted by CLP Foundation on Wednesday, August 01, 2012


An interview with Joe Andries, Vice President and General Manager, GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group LLC

How did the company start out?

GreatAmerica was founded in Cedar Rapids in 1992 and started out in the office equipment industry. In the last 20 years, we have diversified into several business units serving different markets. We have also added offices in Missouri, Georgia, and Minnesota. The overall approach is to have each unit immerse itself in the market it serves and tap into the complex dynamics that go into making businesses in those markets successful.

Has GreatAmerica expanded beyond its financing function?

In addition to our six business units, we have added two subsidiaries; Collabrance™, LLC and GreatAmerica Portfolio Services, LLC. Collabrance helps independent telecommunication, office equipment, and information technology dealers be the IT department for their small business customers. The GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group (GPSG) leverages the GreatAmerica operational platform to help businesses wishing to outsource their portfolio servicing.

Can you tell us about your Portfolio Services Division?

Twenty years of continuous and uninterrupted growth in the leasing industry taught us a lot about managing portfolios, servicing contracts, and delivering a positive customer experience. Our people run one of the most effective and superbly accurate platforms in the industry, and we thought it was time to use this wealth of ability to our customers' advantage.

What products do you offer?

We offer a private label third party servicing solution and back-up servicing. Our third party servicing can include invoicing, tax compliance, asset management or even the entire front- and back-end servicing process. We are focused on keeping our customer at the help of his/her portfolio through detailed reporting and constant communication. We are always ware that our performance with our clients' customers is a direct reflection of our clients' image and we strive to offer the best service experience possible.

How are you different?

We compete by offering GreatAmerica-quality service and reporting at a cost savings and with fewer operational barriers so our customers can concentrate on core strengths. Our team delivers personalized solutions to brokers, banks, manufacturers, captives, independent dealers and finance companies. Our financial strength, industry knowledge, and reputation provide our stakeholders with a high level of confidence regarding the care and servicing of their assets.

What are your customers saying about working with the GPSG Team?

Quoting a privately held equipment finance company, they said we are, "the answer for companies similar to mine - they immediately provided me with an established servicing platform. I really value the access to expertise. The ability to focus on growing my business knowing I have the best servicing company in the industry managing my process, gives me a feeling of confidence."

We have similar views from each of our customers, especially when the see and feel the "GreatAmerica Experience."

Here's another quote from a captive finance company: "Their knowledgeable and experience employees have delivered exceptional value to our organization and our customers, allowing us to grow our business in more managed way. I truly believe they are the best at what they do. When they tell you about "The GreatAmerica Experience" being second to none, they deliver on their promise."

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