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Simplify the Delivery of your Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions

Provide an exceptional customer experience with on-premise stability and a cloud consumption model.

Stand Out With Simplicity

Adapt your approach to match how your customers want to consume technology: with single payment options for the Unified Communications (UC) & Collaboration solutions you provide.


Create a solution that is easy for you to sell and simple for your clients to consume.


Provide a complete UC solution including products, services and installation.


Create a predictable experience and technology budget for your clients.

Cash Flow

Accelerate your cash flow and keep credit lines open with advanced funding options.

Build Your Custom Financing Plan

You have a lot of options for offering monthly payments! Let us help you decide what your best options are.

When my customer's technology has reached the end of life, I want my customers to

Tech Trends Survey Findings

Why Your Customers Prefer Monthly Payments

What do your buyers want when it comes to the solutions you offer? We asked 528 IT buyers how they view technology in their business and how they are paying for it. In this survey, they reveal their biggest concerns, how often they want technology replaced, and their preference for financing.

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Elevate Your As-A-Service Offering with Hardware as a Rental®

Preserve your go-to-market strategy and be nimble in how you deliver UC to your end users. Hardware as a Rental, or HaaR, combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service and equipment financing, providing a simplified billing approach to UC and Collaboration solutions.

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Why is a Finance Strategy Important for You?

Providing monthly payment options makes it easier for customers to buy your product. Financing also allows your customers to use their valuable cash to invest back into their business. In turn, financing provides a predictable sales cycle with each customer.

← How monthly payments are good for you and your clients.

State of UCaaS Survey Findings

Gain valuable insight into the strengths, solutions, challenges, and more for 23 UC Partners that use a UCaaS solution in their current business model.

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