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Tech42 Delivers Exceptional IT

Ensuring Customers Have Updated Technology with Monthly Payments

Success Story: Tech42

An Elite MSP Transformation

From unpredictable and unprofitable to happier clients and happier technicians. Tech42 delivers exceptional IT by bundling hardware with their Managed Services.

Watch their incredible journey from a break-fix IT company to a full Managed Services Provider in less than three years.

The Wild West of Break-Fix

When Michael Pickreign, Owner of Tech42 looks back to when his company started in the early 2000s, he recalls that time being like the Wild West. He describes his business back then as unpredictable and unprofitable. “We were primarily break-fix,” he says. “No real contracts. Ad-hoc work.” 

Tech42 was getting blamed for their customer’s problems with old technology, and needed to make it easier for customers to upgrade. Many of their clients weren’t willing or able to make a significant investment in their network, and just couldn’t justify writing that big check to get things up to speed. 

A Major Business Model Shift

Michael knew Tech42 had to go through some major changes to become profitable. He met GreatAmerica at an IT Nation event, and began learning about HaaR. Working with GreatAmerica, Tech42 would have a way to standardize their clients, and have more supportable technology.

At the same time they were adopting monthly payment for hardware, Tech42 also transitioned their service model from break-fix to fully managed services.

“GreatAmerica enabled us to give customers a monthly rate, spread out over three to five years that made it affordable to get the technology they needed. That also allowed us to get clients’ networks to the place where we could really manage their technology effectively and efficiently.”

Michael Pickreign Owner of Tech42

The Results of Tech42's Hardware as a Rental Strategy

As a result of their tenacity and hard work, Tech42 made the transition from break-fix to Managed Service Provider in less than 3 years. 

Michael says the transition has meant happier clients, and happier technicians.

“Our customer satisfaction levels are significantly higher among our Managed Services clients than any of our other clients,” Michael said. “Our engineer’s job satisfaction has also increased significantly, because now they know they are building good networks.”

If having client and staff satisfaction wasn’t enough, this transition led to impressive growth rates in terms of both revenue and valuation. Michael says without the help of GreatAmerica HaaR, the transition would have taken longer.

About Tech42

Tech42 is an IT company formed in Dunmore, Pennsylvania that provides a variety of executive-level IT services to businesses in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. Tech42 prides themselves on being customers' “one-stop-shop” for technology. They offer premium services that enable clients to get the most value for their time and dollar. Having opened its doors in 2010, Tech42 has grown to become one of the top-rated IT service providers in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.

About Tech42

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