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Ensure your future innovations are quickly adopted.

Equip Channel Partners to Sell Your Solutions with Monthly Payment Options

Choose a finance partner with experience in your channel. Working with thousands of Technology Solution Providers, we’ve refined the tools and techniques to make your As-A-Service strategy stick.

Monthly Payments With a Simple Click

More than 1,000 technology companies have generated nearly 1,000,000 monthly payment quotes. How? With the simplicity of financing into the tools you use everyday.

As-A-Service Models to Sell More Technology

Provide innovative methods for your resellers to buy and sell your products with As-A-Service and other modern financing products. From traditional Hardware as a Service, to GreatAmerica Hardware as a Rental, and other financing options to match the lifecycle of your products and services.

As-A-Service Marketing Toolkit

Arm your channel partners with the marketing enablement and support to sell your products in an As-A-Service world. 

Here are all the things they need to begin selling your customized As-A-Service program:

  • Description for your website, brochures and sales pitches
  • Video for your website
  • Brochure you can customize with your logo
  • eBook on the hidden costs of technology
  • Email to send to prospects.

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Join the As-A-Service Revolution

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