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Quoting Best Practices eBook

Make your quotes instantly more appealing by using these three best practices from industry experts and Solution Providers that will help you close more deals with higher margins.

Hybrid Model eBook

This 4-Part eBook takes an in-depth look at how businesses built on a product resales business can transition to a hybrid business with a strong recurring revenue component.


Tech Trends and IT Buyers' Preferences

We asked 528 IT buyers how they view technology in their business and how they are paying for it. In this survey, they reveal their biggest concerns, how often they want technology replaced and how they want to pay for updates.


As-A-Service Guide

Download this comprehensive guide to building recurring revenue with the GreatAmerica HaaR program.

13 Questions to Position Financing

Download these questions to position a financing and set yourself apart from competitors.

HaaR InfoStudy

NAC Technology went all-in with the GreatAmerica As-A-Service Model, HaaR. See how they did it!


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Why Financing is Important


Why Financing is Easy





Build Business Net Worth with Recurring Revenue

Webcast: Build Business Net Worth with Recurring Revenue

If intentionally adding recurring revenue to the mix of your business is a priority, this webcast will help you uncover some simple solutions to these complex issues in the most unexpected places.

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Paul Sponcia Q&A

HaaR Q&A with Solution Provider

Listen in to this Q&A between Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership and owner of The IT Company, Paul Sponcia about his transformation from HaaS to HaaR. 

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HaaR Fast Start Sept. 2016

HaaR Fast Start

Are you curious how HaaR works or if it is right for your business. Watch with webcast recording, or join us for an upcoming live HaaR Fast Start webcast to answer your questions.

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Webcast: Meet Your Customer's Objections with Smart Responses

We collected the biggest objections Solution Providers get from their customers when offering monthly payments, and crafted responses to them so you're prepared before they're even asked.

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Recent Service Leadership Webcast Recordings




The Next Gen MSP, Part 1:
What and Why

Dive into what leading MSPs are doing today to fold in the next generation elements of security, HaaS, and hybrid cloud as part of their offerings  to drive profitability and meet tomorrow's customer expections.


The Next Gen MSP, Part 2:
Key Steps to Next Gen

In Part 2, take a look at the four critical steps leading MSPs are taking to evolve their offerings. See how the best-in-class 'pitch-and-present', on-board, and deliver QBRs - all enabled by high-performance HaaS.



Harvesting New Sources of Recurring Revenue and Margin in New and Existing MSP Customers

Harvesting New Sources of Recurring Revenue & Margin

During this webcast, Service Leadership explores the impacts both the As-A-Service model and Cloud offerings are having on growth, profitability, cash flow and product resale and how to take advantage of both.

Creating Lasting Change in a Product-Centric Firm_ How to Make Your Business Model Changes Stick

Create Lasting Change in Your Business

This webcast recording gives you practical, actionable look at the single most effective way to create lasting change in your organization - proper sales incentive compensation.





Jenne, Inc. Offers Hardware as a Rental Through GreatAmerica Financial Services

Jenne, Inc. has introduced an As-A-Service model to its users backed by GreatAmerica. HaaR® (Hardware as a Rental®) combines the best attributes of financing and Hardware as a Service.

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CNET Content Solutions Adds GreatAmerica Monthly Payment Options to ChannelOnline Tool

GreatAmerica Financial Services announced today it has worked with the ChannelOnline team on a new feature for the ecommerce platform. The feature enables Solution Providers to quickly price monthly payment options using GreatAmerica finance rates without leaving the quote in ChannelOnline.

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Should Leasing Rule Changes Concern Channel Companies?

Greg VanDeWalker discusses upcoming accounting rules changes will affect channel leasing options.

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