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A Trusted Backup Commerical Servicing Provider

GreatAmerica provides solutions to manage risk in servicing equipment finance, commercial loans, and other esoteric asset portfolios.

Risk mitigation and successor transition

Servicers can and do fail, making backup servicing a vital element of financial transactions. Consequently, the identity of your backup servicer is of greater focus to investors and rating agencies. We offer a variety of backup servicing solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. 

Backup Servicing Overview

Mitigate the risk of not being prepared in the event the servicing of your commerical portfolio needs to be transitioned.

Selecting the right provider in the event the servicing of your portfolio needs to be transitioned is important to your lenders. Hear from our Risk Operations Leader about what to expect when selecting a backup servicing provider.

Obtain the security you need to continue growing your portfolio.