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Third Party Servicing Solutions to Grow Your Business

We offer third party portfolio servicing for banks, manufacturers, captives, independent dealers and finance companies.

Third Party Servicing Overview

Outsourcing helps you focus on growing your commerical portfolio.

Outsourcing your portfolio is an important decision for your business and allows you to do what you do best. Hear from our Vice President and General Manager about how to outsource your portfolio. 

Our Servicing Process

From initial on-boarding to tax filing and reporting, the Portfolio Services Group manages your portfolio using our unparalleled standard of care. Our processes are detailed in our Standard Operating Procedures document for clients.

It starts with our on-boarding process.

Your processes are defined in a Standard Operating Procedure document. From the initial on-boarding through the filing of taxes and reporting, GPSG will manage the portfolio with a standard of care parallel to GreatAmerica’s own. 

Reporting with Easy Access to Your Data

GreatAmerica is dedicated to providing our clients with complete visibility into their portfolios. Our ServicerZone online portal is a complete reporting solution that allows users to quickly and easily access their portfolio information.

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Outsourced Servicing: Is it Right for You?

The pressures that come with growing a portfolio are difficult, and the distraction of maintaining a complicated and expensive operations technology platform can be costly.

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Remove the operational barriers of your portfolio

These outsourced solutions, supported by our industry-leading operational platform, remove operational barriers, provide economic value, and bring overall enhancement to your business. We will help you define a servicing solution that is scaled to you.