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Construction Equipment Financing

Increase your sales with finance solutions designed for the construction industry

GreatAmerica works with manufacturers, dealers, and renters of construction equipment, technology, and software to close more sales faster

Financing Built For You

Solutions designed for the way you do business. Use an unrivaled suite of programs and tools for construction equipment financing that work to grow your business for the future. 

Financing Made Simple, Easy, and Smart

Having the right finance company is important to a business, and GreatAmerica wants you to be successful.  Incorporating an effective finance program into your sales organization allows your team or dealer network to sell more equipment at higher margins by bundling the services and accessories all into one monthly payment. 

Reduce risk and eliminate the need for collections by having GreatAmerica pay the invoice as soon as your customers' equipment is delivered. DSO Days Sale Outstanding. 

Hear from our sales leadership about how GreatAmerica can help you boost your sales.

Top Companies Trust their financing program to GreatAmerica

Technology in Construction

Technology is ever evolving and it can be hard to keep up with the changing environment. Financing your construction technology allows for more frequent upgrades and less investments. 

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Industry Organizations and Events

We participate in these organizations and events in support of our OEM and Manufacturer relationships.

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Need financing, but don't know where to start? Check out our process video that walks you through building a relationship with GreatAmerica! 

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"GreatAmerica has their act together. When you call, you know someone will answer, and when you hang up, you know it's going to get done."

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Equipment Finance Solutions for Canada

GreatCanada Financial Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of GreatAmerica Financial Services, Inc.