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What Does It Cost to Finance Office Equipment with GreatAmerica?

The cost of leasing office technology solutions can depend on a number of factors. Learn what influences a lease rate, as well as what drives the cost of an overall finance program.

What’s in a Lease Rate?

The three biggest drivers of a finance rate are contract term, purchase option and transaction size. But if you are considering cost as you evaluate financing partners, keep in mind there are more factors to consider than the lease rate alone.

It’s important to understand the total cost of a financing program. If customer retention and satisfaction are important goals for your business, understanding the economics over the life of the lease should be important to you.

In order to be profitable, a leasing company will need to make a profit either on the upfront financing or throughout the life of the contract, including end of term.

Keeping your customers for a lifetime is important to you. That’s why we don’t believe in surprising your customers with fees or extra charges. 

Learn more about the economics of a leasing program below.

Factors that Influence Your Finance Program Pricing

What should you take into consideration when reviewing a finance program? Let’s look at the factors that will impact the total cost of a leasing program.

Financed Solution

The finance program type and rate will vary based on the asset type and its value at the end of its term.

Contract Terms

The Terms & Conditions in your finance agreement include information on fees and charges to expect throughout the lease and at the end of term. These can have a lasting impact over the lifetime cost of your program and the total cost of ownership to your customer.

Annuity Income

Longer terms generally have lower rates. GreatAmerica standard terms range from 12 - 60 months with the average term for a program being 36 months.

Residual Pricing

Remarket value of off-lease imaging equipment continues to decline. Residual positions on a lease portfolio can vary widely at the discretion of the finance company. Take time to understand all your end of term options.

Determining The Lease Rate on a Deal

There are several factors that drive lease rate on a deal. While every deal is different, below are the factors that have to be considered to determine your finance rate.

Let’s Talk About Fees

If you’ve been burned by hidden fees as a consumer, you know how that can shake your faith in an organization. Unexpected fees don’t fly with you and they won’t fly with your customers.

We are clear about what we do and don’t charge.

Fees we DON’T Charge Our Dealers:

  • Specialized programs
  • Billing needs
  • Bundling
  • Service Billing
  • Service Escalations
  • Property Tax Filing
  • UCC Filing
  • Insurance Processing 
  • Payment Processing

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What Should You Look for in a Financing Partner?

Your finance source should be suited to help you deliver on your commitments to your customers, ensuring retention for growth and scalability of your office equipment business.

Your Most Important Finance Questions Answered!

What’s your rate?

Can I get a copy of your rates?

How do you handle end of term?

Do rates change?

Why should my customers lease as opposed to purchase vs loan?

What does “lease rate” mean?

What is the interest rate?

What are your end of term options?

What is your overbook policy on FMV transactions?

What if I need to make changes to my program? Do you have different rates on different programs?

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