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Technology Equipment Financing

Modern technology equipment financing tools, including As-A-Service models, drive simplicity and flexibility for your technology solutions.

Technology Financing

Whether you sell technology solutions to end users, or provide products and services to the channel, we have the industry expertise to help you thrive in a changing environment with technology equipment financing.


Provide customers with a simple monthly payment option and build recurring revenue.

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Accelerate your sales with financing! Here's how GreatAmerica helps you.

How does the financing process work for you and your customers? What technologies can you finance, and why wouldn’t your customers just use their bank lines? We explore the top questions you ask us in this video.

Aligned With the IT Channel and Technology Industry Leaders

Working with more than 2,000 technology companies annually, GreatAmerica is the trusted technology equipment financing provider for channel leaders and technology solution providers.

Listen to Customers Firsthand

Three customers share their journey to selecting a financing provider and highlighted their experience with GreatAmerica.

Implement Technology Financing with Confidence

Choose a technology financing company with experience in your channel. Working with thousands of technology providers, we've refined the tools and techniques to make your strategy stick for vendor financing and As-a-Service offerings.

Elevate Your As-A-Service Offering with Hardware as a Rental®

Hardware as a Rental, or HaaR, combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service and equipment financing. Provide customers with a single invoice for the hardware, software, and services that make up your technology solution.



Simplify Technology Financing Quotes With Technology Integrations

Nearly 1,000,000 monthly payment quotes generate through our integrations with channel tools like ConnectWise Sell, QuoteWerks,  Salesforce, and more.

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Helping You Achieve Greater Success

"By leveraging GreatAmerica financing solutions, we have been able to offer our clients a streamlined approach to consolidating their IT expenses into one simple, single monthly invoice. This has increased managed services sales, improved our refresh cycles, and driven additional projects."

Chad Paalman, Managing Partner NuWave Technology Partners

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Technology Financing Resources

When we say we are a channel company, we mean it! Check out events, blogs, and other resources for technology providers.


Refresh Schedules with GreatAmerica

How does financing help with refresh schedules? Hear from some GreatAmerica technology financing customers about the ways managed services give you the opportunity to offer your customers a consistent budget and give you time to discover new needs with your customers.

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February 9, 2023 - February 9, 2023 | Webinar

Cyber insurance has become one of the hottest topics in the channel today. But most folks are confused about what to do about it. Should MSPs get involved? There is a huge revenue opportunity waiting in the wings if seized correctly. During this webinar by FifthWall Solutions, they'll uncover how cyber insurance can be both the carrot and the stick. 

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