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By: Lori Berry
July 23rd, 2021

There are a lot of positives to incorporating GreatAmerica offerings into your As-A-Service model. If you’ve done any research on HaaR®, you know it includes a component of pass-through billing where GreatAmerica will bill and collect for your services. You may be wondering if this service would be a good fit for your business so we compiled a list of things that you should consider before making the decision. 

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By: Arial Harland
July 15th, 2021

Originally published 12/4/2016. Updated on 7/15/21. For business owners and leaders, strategic planning is the time to reflect on the past year, examine the competitive landscape, explore possible initiatives, and set goals. But the idea of strategic planning can feel overwhelming - especially if you don't have a good process and method for facilitation. So what does a good process look like? And what pitfalls should you avoid? 

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By: Greg VanDeWalker
July 8th, 2021

How do you define sales success within your company? Is it all in the dollars? Is it the overall satisfaction of your customer base? Is it a low sales team turnover rate? 

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By: Jackie Schmid
July 1st, 2021

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”   We all know the saying which implies that if a particular something isn’t wrong, we need not take action to correct it. The message can sometimes be great advice, however when it comes to technology, outdated hardware or software are both a liability and a loss of opportunity when it comes to efficiency and cost savings. Simply put — clinging to old, sometimes clunky technology can end up costing more than the price of an upgrade.   In this blog, we highlight a handful of pitfalls associated with hanging on to outdated equipment. 

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By: Ciarra Wagner
June 24th, 2021

Imagine this: You did it! Your customer is ready to move forward with your proposal because you presented the option of a convenient monthly payment. What’s next? It is time to present the lease agreement for review and signature. 

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