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Logically Focuses on the Future, Today

Mike Williams, Co-Founder and former Chief Strategy Officer of Logically, values the extended offerings and services that come from a partnership with GreatAmerica.

Success Story: Logically

PE Backed MSP With a National Footprint

When it comes to managed services like HaaS, great relationships are indispensable. Whether it's looking to increase business valuation, grow MRR, drive utilization of OPEX, or enhance standardization and refresh cycles, Logically finds value in partnering with GreatAmerica for their financing solutions. 

Watch to learn about their numerous offerings and customized plans that fit their business model. 

“With GreatAmerica, you’re getting a partner – and they care a lot about us, and through that extension, our customers. GreatAmerica takes great care of them and works with our teams to do custom solutions. We really appreciate that personal customer service." 

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Mike Williams Logically, former Chief Strategy Officer

About Logically

While Logically is a new name, 2019 marked their 20th anniversary as an IT service provider and MSP. In 2018, Winxnet and K&R Network Solutions (KRNS) merged to form the leading MSP for small and midsized organizations. They combined the best of Winxnet's operational excellence with KRNS's technical excellence to create Logically, a national MSP with offices from coast-to-coast. They are known for responsiveness, outstanding customer service, and breadth and depth of technical expertise.

About Logically

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About Mike Williams

Mike co-founded Logically (originally named Winxnet) in 1999, and served as the Chief Strategy Officer. Mike is a member of the Logically Board of Directors and ConnectWise Advisory Board.  He was the visionary and driving force behind the formation of the Logically MSP platform, and has been instrumental in the M&A pillar of Logically’s growth strategy.  Mike also owns the business consulting firm XPM2 Partners, which focuses on acquisition integration success. 

Are You to Start Working with a Financing Partner?

Your story can be just like Mike's. With the help of a back-end partner such as GreatAmerica, you can provide your customers with extended offerings and services and devote your time to expansion. Leave the funding and financing to us.