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Fair Market Value Leases

Offer your customers a low monthly payment while avoiding costly issues related to aging and outdated equipment.

Help Your Customers Keep Their Technology Current

A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease is an affordable and flexible way for your customers to get the technology solutions they need. 

A Fair Market Value lease is best for your customers who are seeking technology that is regularly refreshed. This provides them with a low monthly payment, a possible operating expense deduction, and multiple options with the technology ownership. If your customer purchases the technology outright, it may be tough for them to justify an upgrade or expensive for them to dispose of the item. At the end of the term on an FMV lease, your customer can choose to return or upgrade the equipment, purchase at the fair market value as described in the agreement, or continue to lease.

No matter their choice, you are seen as the solution provider who helps them get the technology they need in a way that protects their cash flow. 


Customer End of Term Options


Your customer opts to lease new equipment from you and rolls the original lease into the financing of the second lease.


Your customer makes all the required payments and pays the purchase price under the original lease.


Your customer continues to make payments just like they have been. Depending on the language in the lease, the lease will renew monthly (or other agreed-upon period) and your customer continues to use the equipment. 


After all payments have been made, and with proper notification per the language of the lease document, your customer may return the equipment at their expense.

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