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Office Equipment Leasing for Office Technology Providers

Keep your customers satisfied while making budgeting for office equipment easy on them. Browse office equipment leasing and print financing solutions that make technology refreshes easier, more predictable and affordable.

Tech Financing Solutions

Office Equipment Leasing Solutions Built for the Imaging & Technology Channel

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As a privately-owned financing company, we have the flexibility to create office equipment leasing programs that work for you and your customers. We’ve been immersed in the office equipment channel for over 30 years. We build financing and value-add solutions to help our customers evolve, overcome obstacles and keep their valued customers to grow their businesses into the future. 

What’s Unique About Financing Through GreatAmerica? 

You deserve more than a rate. Dale Fowler, President and CEO of Zeno Office Solutions in Midland, Texas speaks on the value our relationship brings to his business. 


What Kinds of Office Equipment Can We Lease?

We got our start in 1992 by providing financing programs for printer and copier dealers and helping them keep their customers for a lifetime through customer experience excellence. Since then, we’ve evolved right along with our customers. Today, we can accommodate almost any technology need today’s modern office may require. Below are a few examples: 

Office Technology Financing

Are you evolving from a print-focused offering to one that encompasses a broader spectrum of technologies needed in today’s modern office?  
Combining hardware/technology, software and services into one subscription bundle aligns with the expectations of today's modern buyer. We help make it simple for you to provide a monthly payment option on the various technologies and services you offer in a way that makes it easy for prospective customers say "Yes!" to refresh after refresh! 

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Find the Right Office Equipment Leasing Program for You

One size does not fit all. The right financing program will increase efficiency, grow sales, and improve customer retention, allowing your team to focus on what they do best. Build a financing program that supports your go-to-market strategy. Browse and evaluate our office equipment leasing programs below. 

Finance Agreements

Browse traditional finance and lease products with simple and effective structures that make paying for your solution simple. 

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As-A-Service Programs

Drive recurring revenue and consistent upgrades with a single invoice covering hardware, software, installation, services, and more.

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Usage Billing

With usage programs for cost per image, cost per square foot, or other units of consumption, we accommodate your needs with flexible structures.

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Flat Rate Programs

Flat rate takes variability out of the equation. Differentiate your offering with a simple, predictable monthly payment that makes it easy for your customers to budget. 

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Tools and Technologies that Make Office Equipment Leasing Easy

One thing that makes us different? We know ease of doing business is a high priority for our customers. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons office equipment businesses choose to finance through GreatAmerica. Check out the various tools and technologies we’ve invested in to make sure transacting business is as simple as can be.


Provide your customer a single invoice that’s  easy to understand.

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Use our integrations with the systems you work in to automate processes. 

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Get quotes or submit credit apps from your mobile device. 

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Close sales faster and drive efficiencies with digital signatures! 

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Review and manage your lease portfolio 24/7. 

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Value Add Services Custom Built for the Office Equipment Space

What sets us apart from other finance companies? Here are two examples of value-added solutions we’ve crafted to help our office equipment dealers overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities.

Hiring, Retention, & Culture

Hiring and retaining quality employees is a struggle we’ve heard from our customers. PathShare HR Services can help. From finding and hiring the right talent the first time to building a dynamic company culture, we're here to help!

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Managed IT

 Are you an office equipment dealer with goals of evolving into IT? Collabrance helps MSPs achieve greater success through its portfolio of IT solutions, anchored by a U.S. based, live-answer service desk and NOC.

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Trusted by Independent Office Equipment Dealers & Solution Providers

Join forces with a company office technology dealers have placed confidence in to serve and care for their customers for nearly three decades. We understand your challenges and growth objectives. Our immersion in the office technology industry since 1992 has equipped us to build custom programs to support your sales approach, meet your customers' needs, and help you differentiate from the competition. 

Success Story

Rate Vs. Relationship

Troy Wright, President and CEO of Oasys, Inc., an office technology provider just North of Seattle, Washington, tells us how his company went from using five different finance companies to just one, switching their mindset to focus less on rate and more on relationship. Find out why their whole portfolio is now with GreatAmerica. 

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The Finance Source Trusted by Office Equipment Manufacturers

GreatAmerica has a long history of helping drive channel distribution via flexible programs and resources. These manufacturers place confidence in us to deliver customized office equipment leasing programs and solutions that help them differentiate and grow. 

Industry Recognized Service, Innovation and Award-Winning Culture

Exceptional customer service starts with a team of engaged employees who are passionate and invested in your success.

What's Going on in the Office Equipment Channel?

Stay current with news, events, and resources all aimed at helping your Office Technology Business grow and stay in the know!


The GreatAmerica Origin Story

When Tony Golobic set out to build GreatAmerica, he wanted to create a company that valued service to its customers and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted an innovative company that aspired to the highest standards of excellence in everything it did to become a business without competition. Learn a little bit about how GreatAmerica began, and why we hold the values we do, by watching this video. 

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What's New with WhiteCup and GreatAmerica®: How the New Sherpa CRM Lease Tracker Update Impacts You

November 8, 2022 - November 8, 2022 | Webinar

Robin Fonck, Director of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica hosts Kristen Thom, Director of Product Management at White Cup as they provide an overview of an exclusive new integration enhancement coming to the Sherpa CRM Lease Tracker. Kristen will demo how the integration now supports daily lease data updates, automatically sending information, like equipment payment, remaining payments, or buyout and upgrade totals for end-customer contract information, from The GreatAmerica system directly to your Sherpa CRM instance. This completely eliminates the timely, manual upload this step previously required. Kristen and Robin will also explain how this update provides an enhanced layer of security in the ever growing environment of increased cyber threats. Join us to learn about this new enhancement, and find out how you can enable this feature in your Sherpa CRM.

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Are You an Office Technology Provider Looking to Build a Financing Offering?

You need a financing partner that makes it easy. We help office technology providers build programs to successfully grow  through flexible financing and business services beyond financing too. Office technology providers are expanding their offerings beyond print and need a partner who can help build programs that support this evolution. Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule some time to discuss how we can create customized programs to grow and scale your office technology business.