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Budget-Friendly Financing for Office Tech Solutions

Make budgeting for IT and other office technologies easy for your customer. Our tech financing solutions make refreshes predictable and affordable.

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As a privately-owned financing company, we have the flexibility to create programs that work for you and your customers.

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Support your sales and customer retention with financing and workflow tools.

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Helping you drive channel distribution via flexible programs and resources.

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You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Your finance source should connect you with the experience and resources to empower you to make the best decisions for your business. Through education and collaboration, we'll explore your hurdles and build out programs and solutions to help you succeed.

In this video, Jennie Fisher, Vice President and General Manager of the Office Equipment Group at GreatAmerica, answers dealers' questions, financing and beyond! 

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Exceptional customer service starts with a team of engaged employees who are passionate and invested in your success.

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Join forces with a company that office technology dealers have placed confidence in to serve and care for their customers since 1992.

"Our relationship with GreatAmerica not only helps us grow, they've also been an instrumental part of our operational efficiency."

Scott Dewar, Executive Vice President All Copy Products (ACP)

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Submitting a Credit Application with SalesChain and GreatAmerica

Robin Fonck of GreatAmerica Financial Services joined SalesChain University host Matt Szczygiel for a walkthrough of the credit application submission process. Check it out!

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"Having worked with GreatAmerica for decades, there never has been an issue that could not be resolved in a fair, equitable and ethical manner. GreatAmerica’s transactional documents have all been approved by BTA earning it BTA Preferred Financing Partner."

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Bob Goldberg, General Counsel Business Technology Association

Are You an Office Technology Provider Looking to Build a Financing Offering?

We help office technology providers build programs to grow their businesses and achieve greater success. Office technology providers are expanding their offerings beyond print and need a partner who can help build programs that support this evolution. Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule some time to discuss how we can create customized programs to grow and scale your office technology business.