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By: Matt Lacina
January 20th, 2022

Updated 1/20/22. Originally published 12/12/19.

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By: Quin Ward
January 13th, 2022

Updated 1/13/2022. Originally published 4/22/2021.  Customers need technology and look to their Solution Providers as the experts who can help determine how to best fulfill that need. The current economic implications on businesses include uncertainty and hesitation around utilizing cash flow, but financing can help. In this blog, I highlight the top eight reasons you should be offering your client a flexible way to acquire your technology solution. 

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By: Sylvia Clubb
January 6th, 2022

Updated 1/6/2022. Originally Posted 1/28/2018. If the world of financing and leasing seems like a confusing landscape of options, you’re not alone. Approaching the industry with little to no financing experience can be overwhelming for anyone trying to introduce financing as a viable option for their business.  Related: What is the Difference Between a Lease and a Loan?  Like anything new, it’s helpful to understand the nuts and bolts of financing: at GreatAmerica, that’s an introduction to our most popular equipment/software lease types in use by businesses today. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each so you can identify which one is best for your business and your customers. 

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By: Joe Andries
January 5th, 2022

Solar Industry Update The solar industry had a very strong year. Installed capacity is projected to close with a 33% year over year increase. Our clients have also enjoyed considerable growth within their portfolios with very few charge-offs and lower delinquency – much lower than last year’s pandemic performance. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the solar industry showed continued growth. For 2022, there is no consensus of a purported 25% year over year decrease in growth. The lower projections are driven by supply chain constraints and rising materials and labor costs. Conversely, the Build Back Better Act could influence a better outlook. If approved, the bill would also extend the Investment Tax Credit and be a major stimulant for longer term growth within the solar industry.

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By: Sidney Scott
December 30th, 2021

In 2021, solution providers embraced change and opportunity like never before. Along the way, we had a specific goal in mind with our blog: to generate relevant content with information that helps you make strategic decisions for your business. As we prepare for another year of adaptation and resilience, we wanted to look back on the blogs that were the most popular among our readers in 2021. We are so grateful for your readership this year and look forward to continue providing industry insights to help you succeed in 2022.

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