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Hire Qualified Candidates to Grow Your Business

Big hiring and growth plans? Turnover a problem?

PathShare® HR Services helps organizations optimize their hiring process to find and assess talent for long-term success.

Find the Hiring Process Right for Your Business

Is hiring one of your top business challenges? You can increase the likelihood of hiring the right person when you have a hiring process that meets your business needs.

Hiring Assistance for MPS and Managed IT Sales Roles

Hiring the right salesperson is one of the most critical things you can do to achieve your goals. Too often the person in the interview is not the same person once they are hired. Increase your success when hiring a sales rep in your managed IT or managed print business when PathShare helps you with:


Assess: Pinpoint Ideal Behaviors

  • Understand whether the candidates’ behaviors match the behaviors required for success in a sales role

Interview by the PathShare Team: Leverage interview best practices

  • Zero in on the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors to improve section and retention

PathShare is specialized in the Managed IT and Managed Print Services (MPS) industry, with extensive experience helping organizations fill open sales roles. Together, our consultants work hand-in-hand with customers to help you identify the best fit for your open positions. Our experience, vision, and expertise brings value in helping customers with their hiring and recruiting needs.

Increase Employee Retention with Stay Interviews

Once you find, recruit, and hire talent for your business, you have to work just as diligently to retain those performers who also are a good culture fit.

Stronger employee engagement can result in lower turnover and higher productivity.

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