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Successful Organizations Begin with Consistent Processes.

Create Your Foundation of Success with Training from PathShare® HR Services.

Find the Right Training Solution for Your Business

If you are searching for an expert in the human side of your business, let us join your leadership team. Here are the services we offer office technology and healthcare companies:

Effectively Evaluate Candidates. Identify Top Performers.

Companies who work hard to preserve their culture know that hiring the right candidate is critical to their business. To help identify those top performers, PathShare shares their expertise in recruiting, interviewing and assessment best practices to help your team hire for success. 

PathShare works with your organization to provide a customized Interview and Assessment Guide that includes criteria you can use to evaluate a candidate’s response to behavior-based interview questions. Using a customized Interview and Assessment Guide created by PathShare allows you and your hiring managers to consistently evaluate candidate responses, and determine exceptional responses in efforts to help you identify top performers for your business.

Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience

Is customer service important to your business? What are you doing to continuously improve customer service in your business? Companies who provide great customer service hire the right people and provide them specialized training to improve their skills.

PathShare offers training to organizations eager to enhance their knowledge and skills required to provide superior customer service experiences. Using specific examples and challenges your organization may face, PathShare works with your team to make an effective Customer Service Training so you can continue to differentiate your business from competitors and enhance your service delivery.

A consistent process yields repeatable results. Does your team have a solid foundation they can rely on to build repeatable results?

Whether you’re hiring industry veterans or raw talent, give your team the training to help them best interact with customers from the first engagement and every touchpoint from there on. A consistent, successful process will foster a positive company culture and differentiate your company in the marketplace.


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