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Join the As-A-Service Revolution with AV AMP

Launch your own AV as a Service Program with AV AMP

Offer Your AV Products and Services With a Single Monthly Payment

Build your Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) and provide your customers with an easy-to-consume technology package with AV As A Monthly Payment - or AV AMP. 

How? First, make your technology more affordable by offering a monthly payment for the upfront costs. Then, turn your maintenance contracts into recurring revenue by spreading the cost over the full term, and bundling it with the technology sale.

The result is one payment for your customer for one technology solution.

Watch this video to see how Hardware as a Rental works!

Webcast Recording: A Practical Guide to Implement AV as a Service

Add AV as a Service to instantly build your RMR. A steady recurring revenue stream is within your grasp through monthly payments for your customers. Plus, monthly payments are the popular consumption model your customers are beginning to expect.

View the recording to learn how you can adapt and why you should begin offering monthly payments today to close more business, faster.

Watch this video to see how Hardware as a Rental works!

Benefits of Offering AV AMP

Create value and simplicity for your clients, and business value for your company with AV AMP.

Start Marketing AV as a Service With This Toolkit

Not sure where to start? Leverage our pre-packaged marketing toolkit to get your AV as a Service offer up and running with a turnkey solution. 

Your toolkit includes:

  • Description for your website, brochures and sales pitches
  • Video for your website
  • Brochure you can customize with your logo
  • eBook on the hidden costs of technology
  • Email to send to prospects.

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