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Spend More Time Selling and Less Time Billing and Invoicing

Administrative tasks associated with billing and collecting can be a headache. Leave your back office to us so you can focus more time on generating revenue. 

As an office technology dealer, your world is changing. Let us lift the burden off your back office so you can focus on what you do best.

Trust us as Your Back Office

Create Recurring Revenue Through Bundling

Bundling creates recurring revenue for your business, helping you increase your enterprise value. Download the flyers below to learn how our bundling capabilities can benefit both you and your customers.

Why Bundle?

There are a number of benefits to administering bundled contracts. Download the flyer to learn more. 


Download Our CPI Doc

GreatAmerica makes administering usage contracts a snap with our signature cost-per-image document. 


Take Billing and Invoicing Off Your Plate

Gone are the days of confused customers calling you about incorrect invoicing. Our Contract Management Team is dedicated to creating flexible invoicing structures for your customers, so they're billed the right way at the right time.

Flexible Invoicing Solutions

Download our flyer to learn about the flexible invoicing solutions we offer. 


View An Invoice Sample

Our easy-to-read invoice makes payments a snap for your customers. See for yourself!


Improve Cash Flow By Getting Paid Faster

GreatAmerica understands having quick access to your money will help you grow your business. We've invested in technology integrations and the creation of our expert portfolio management team to help you do just that. 


Automatically collect and remit meter information to GreatAmerica. We'll automatically post payments due back to your account as often as daily.

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Portfolio Services

Our seasoned Portfolio Management Team works as hard to collect your money as we do our own. Rely on our team to secure payments due from your customers on time.

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